The Gourmet Deluxe

The Gourmet Deluxe
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Our colossal flagship basket is loaded with an assortment of gourmet goodies and sweets from the past AND present. This rectangular stained willow basket which measures more than 16 inches long is LOADED with the following 10 POUNDS of gourmet treats: 


A large Mark Avenue Chocolate Lover's Special Edition assorted chocolate Box, 2 Ghirardelli Super Sized premium dark and milk chocolate bars, 2 large Bags of Ghirardelli caramel squares, a Bag of Koppers Milk Chocolate balls, and a large Box of assorted gourmet jelly beans from Jelly Belly!  And if your sweet tooth isn’t satisfied yet, we’ve added old time candy favorites like: a 1 pound Box of James Salt Water Taffy, Junior Mints, Dots, Zero Bar, Chunky, Spree Chews, Starburst, Cow Tales, Bottlecaps, Bubble Tape, Necco Wafers, Gold Mine Gum, Razzles, Appleheads, KitKat, Appleheads, and Chuckles. 


There’s even more – we’ve also added all-time American favorites:  Full Size Peanut M&Ms, Poprocks, Goobers, Swedish Fish, Twizzlers, Smarties, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Fun Dip, Lemonheads, Sweetarts and a Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar. Imagine their surprise when they see this incredible gift - we guarantee they will be delighted!


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Oh thank you so much! I have ordered from your company before and have been MORE than satisfied! Thank you for adding that card and for the wonderful service and great products! I will definitely order more in the future!!!


This is the second basket I ordered from you and they are absolutely awesome. Thank you so much.