Halloween Candy Basket

Halloween Candy Basket
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Treat your favorite Halloween goblin across the miles by sending this oversized keepsake Halloween tin filled with a mega load of fun, 
FULL SIZE candies. This scary keepsake Halloween tin stands 1 foot tall and is Filled with:


Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar, Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish Theater Box, Sweet Tarts, Gobstoppers, Plain M&M's, Peanut M&M's, Giant Smarties, 100,000 Dollar Bar, Goobers Theater Box, Good & Plenty, Lemonheads, Starburst, JujyFruits Theater Box, Skittles, DOTS, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Airheads, Twizzlers, Bubble Tape, Nerds, Pop Rocks, Spree Chews, and Snickers! This ghouly treat is sure to please all ages!


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Oh thank you so much! I have ordered from your company before and have been MORE than satisfied! Thank you for adding that card and for the wonderful service and great products! I will definitely order more in the future!!!


This is the second basket I ordered from you and they are absolutely awesome. Thank you so much.