Camp Care Package

Camp Care Package
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A SUPER SIZED basket filled with the right essentials for your favorite camper. This Camp Care Package is loaded with FULL SIZE candy and chocolate favorites:


Chuckles, Sugar Daddy, Jujubes Theater Box, Goobers Theater Box, Chunky, Zotz, Junior Mints Theater Box, Haribo Gold Gummi Bears, Gobstoppers, Swedish Fish Theater Box, Dots, Peanut M&Ms, Plain M&Ms, Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar, Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar with almonds, Fun Dip, Sprees, Lemonheads, Skittles, Bubble Tape, Jujyfruits Theater Box, Jelly Belly, Good & Plenty, Sour Patch Kids Theater Box, Nerds, Kit Kat, 100 Grand Bar, Razzles, Snickers, Pop Rocks, Starburst, Big League Chew, Airheads, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Candy Necklace, Runts, Twizzlers, Sweetarts, Bottle Caps, and Charleston Chew!


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I ordered the Candy Care Package. It was delivered!!! And had the desired effect. GREAT product, GREAT service!

Thanks. Jennifer.

Oh thank you so much! I have ordered from your company before and have been MORE than satisfied! Thank you for adding that card and for the wonderful service and great products! I will definitely order more in the future!!!