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American Licorice Company is an American  manufacturer founded in Chicago, Illinois around 1914 and is Headquartered in Bend, Oregon.[1]


In 1925, the company began West operations in San Francisco, California.[2] That same year, it produced a set of licorice shoes for Charlie Chaplin's character to eat in the film The Gold Rush.[1]


In 1971 the San Francisco facility relocated to Union City, California.[1][2]


In 2008, The Food Network program Unwrapped featured a four-minute segment on the making of Sour Punch straws. As of 2008, American Licorice Company also manufactures the Sour Extinguishers brand of .


In 2011, workers at the American Licorice Company went on strike to maintain their healthcare benefits.[3]


On 22 August 2012 the company recalled one pound bags of Red Vines® Black Licorice Twists due to traces of lead.[4]




Red Vines

Fruit Vines

Sour Punch

Super Ropes

Sour Extinguishers




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Sour Punch



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Sour Punch is a brand of sour , manufactured by American Licorice Company. As one of the first brands to enter the sour  market in the 1990s, it comes in 5 forms: Straws, Bites, Bits, Ropes, and Twists. Sour Punch comes in 5 different flavors. Like Sour Patch Kids and many other sour candies, they are coated with sour sugar to supply the familiar sour flavor. One serving Size of sour punch twists brad contains 150 calories. It is often a popular  for those who are lactose intolerant, as it contains none.[1]


Original flavors[]

Chargin' Cherry

Strikin' Strawberry

Zappin' Apple

Zip Zappin' Watermelon

Blue Razmatazz (Blue Raspberry) Discontinued flavors: Lemon, Grape






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Sour Punch @ American Licorice Company

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Red Vines



For the Aimee Mann song, see Red Vines (song).

Red Vines

Red Vines is a brand of red licorice  manufactured in Union City, California by the American Licorice Company. Red Vines Original Red Twists are also sometimes referred to as red licorice despite them containing no licorice. The original Red Vines were raspberry-flavored, but in 1952, with a slight formula change, the Red Vines Original Red Twist flavor was introduced.




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2 In popular culture

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August 2012 recall[]


In August 2012 the California Department of Public Health announced a recall of one lot of Red Vines' black licorice  due to lead contamination. Only the one-pound packages marked "Best Before 020413" were recalled. Testing found that  in the contaminated lot had as much as 0.33 parts per million of lead resulting in up to 13.2 micrograms of lead per serving. This was more than double the limit of 6.0 micrograms of lead per day from all dietary sources for children under 6 years old.[1][2]


In popular culture[]


Fox science-fiction drama television series Fringe frequently refers to Red Vines throughout its five season run, as it is the preferred  by the character Doctor Walter Bishop. In the season 2 premiere, "A New Day in the Old Town", he is even seen eating Red Vines while conducting an autopsy. After the TV series was renewed for a fourth season on March 24, 2011, co-star Josh Jackson publicly stated his appreciation of Fringe fans for sending Red Vines to Fox in an effort to campaign for a renewal.[3]


Red Vines are brought up in several episodes of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory. In the season 2 episode The Financial Permeability the unacceptable differences between Twizzlers and Red Vines was used as a plot point when deciding where to see a movie. They are mentioned again in the season 4 episodes The Hot Troll Deviation and The Herb Garden Germination.[4]


The track "Red Vines" was recorded by Aimee Mann and appears on her album Bachelor No. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo (2000).


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American Licorice Company





A pack of Cherry Twizzlers


Product type


The Hershey Company


United States


July 14, 1845




Twizzlers is a brand of  in the United States and Canada. Twizzlers is the product of Y&S Candies, Inc., of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, now a subsidiary of The Hershey Company.


Contents  []

1 History

2 Flavors and varieties

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Strawberry Twizzlers

The manufacturers of Cherry Twizzlers  is one of the oldest confectionery firms in the United States. The company was established in 1845 as Young and Smylie, and adopted Y&S as its trademark in 1870. National Licorice Company was created in 1902 through the merger of three small firms: Young & Smylie, S.V. & F.P. Schudder and H.W. Petherbridge. In 1908 a plant was opened in Montreal and in 1929 the Twizzler brand was established. The company changed its name to Y&S Candies Inc. in 1968 and was acquired by Hershey Foods in 1977.[1]


Since 1999, Twizzlers have also been manufactured in Memphis, Tennessee, as well as the main Lancaster location, in a Y&S plant that also makes chewing gum and other candies. From 1970 through 1999, it was manufactured at a plant in Farmington, New Mexico, but relocated the operation to Memphis because of rising transportation costs.[2] According to the Guinness Book of Records, the longest licorice twist ever made measured 1,200 feet (370 m) and 100 pounds (45 kg) and was made at the Y&S  Plant in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This record-breaking twist became a Guinness World Record, on July 19, 1998.[3]


Flavors and varieties[]


Twisted berry flavor Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel

While the original flavor introduced in 1845 was licorice, in the late 1970s the company began to expand its flavors to include strawberry, chocolate, cherry, and watermelon flavors, and a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition to their Twists, Bites, and Nibs of various sizes, Y&S introduced Pull 'n' Peel. Twerpz and Strawz came along in 2004.[4] Limited ion cherry cola and "rainbow" (fruit variety consisting of strawberry, orange, lemonade, watermelon, blue raspberry and grape) flavors were introduced in 2006. Today all these flavors of "rainbow" Twizzlers are still sold in stores and movie theaters. The company also manufactures a special 2-foot-long (61 cm) variety; the regular length of Twizzlers is 8 inches (20 cm).


2006 - Hershey's introduced the Sweet and Sour Filled Twist. They come in two different colors, red and yellow, and both have a gooey, fruity filling inside. The yellow flavor is Citrus Punch and the red flavor is Cherry Kick.


2011 - Super Long Nibs was introduced, combining the flavor and texture of the classic Nib with the length of a standard Twizzlers twist.


2013 - In May, the Pull 'n' Peel introduced its "Raspberry Wild Berry Lemonade" flavor.


2014 - In December Twizzlers came out with Pull 'n' Peel Fruit Punch and Twizzlers filled Strawberry Lemonade varieties.[5]


All Twizzler products are kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. Twizzlers do not contain animal gelatin or other animal products, and are approved as a vegan-edible .


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Red Vines





Portal icon Lancaster, Pennsylvania portal


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Official Twizzlers website

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Hershey's also manufactures military chocolate for the U.S. armed forces.


1 Marketed in both the United States and Canada, but sold as a Hershey’s product only within Canada. U.S. rights owned by Nestlé.

2 Marketed in a number of countries, but sold as a Hershey’s product only within the United States. Brand owned by Nestlé.

3 Marketed in a number of countries, but sold as a Hershey’s product only within the United States. Brand owned by Mondelēz International.



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