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The History of The Mieszko Company


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This article is about the company.  See also: Mieszko (male name). 

Confectionery Plant "Mieszko" SA 

Confectionery Plant "Mieszko" SA

The production plant on the water tower at ul.  Starowiejska in Raciborz 

Legal form   joint-stock company 

creation date   1993 

Location  Poland  Poland 

Headquarters   Warsaw , ul.  Chrzanowski 8B 

number KRS   000073310 

President   Marek Malinowski 

trade   Food industry 

products   sweets 

Share capital   40,866,000.00 zł 

Exchange   WSE 



stock symbol   MSO 

Location on the map of Warsaw

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Location map of Warsaw

Confectionery Plant "Mieszko" SA

Confectionery Plant "Mieszko" SA 

Location map Polish

Confectionery Plant "Mieszko" SA

Earth  52 ° 15'16,2 "N 21 ° 04'49,5" E   


Confectionery Plant "Mieszko" SA - Polish confectionery producer.  It is operating since 1993 year and continuing the tradition confectionery plants Ślązak and Raciborzanka.  Since 1997 , the company is listed on the Stock Exchange in Warsaw .

The company include:

Production Plant No. 1 in Raciborz - Racibórz 47-400, ul.  Starowiejska 75

Production Plant No. 2 in Racibórz - Racibórz 47-400, ul.  Opawska 172

Production Plant in Warsaw - Warsaw 04-392, ul.  Chrzanowski 8B

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Tower Starowiejska Street in Racibórz


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The company was founded in Poland in 1993,


Zakłady Przemysłu Cukierniczego Mieszko S.A. is the manufacturer of sweets, with a history of several years and a widely-recognized brand.

From the beginning the company has specialized in the production of chocolate goods, whereas from 2000, in connection with the acquisition of Walter  Cooperative, the range of products was extended with confectionery.

The turning point was 2011 when Mieszko acquired TB Investica – a Lithuanian company, thus becoming the owner of Vilniaus Pergale.

In July 2011 the company, already as Mieszko Group, signed the contract of purchase of Lider Artur company, which enabled it to enter a new market category.





Food Production


Public Company



Company Size

501-1000 employees


Zozole [edytuj]


Zozole - a popular brand, which is owned by Mieszko SA , whose registered office is in Racibórz  It was introduced to the Polish market in 1999.  Today it is the most recognizable brand of children's sweets in Poland [1] .


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Zozole brand products were launched in 1999. In a short time Zozole become the most popular brand among the youngest consumers, and Mieszko gained the status of market leader caramels sparkling (in 2005 the market share accounted for 81%).  According to the study from 2004 advertising Zozoli was the best among children (indicating 47% of respondents), the stored advertising of sweets, high popularity won the slogan of the advertising campaign "I prefer Zozole!" [2] .  Other studies have brand awareness in 2004 say about 65% spontaneous awareness and 93% aided awareness [1] .


The flagship product of the brand's signature Zozole are sparkling fruit flavors.  Since 2005, under the brand name Zozoli began to appear in other products [2] .  Today they are also jellies, yogurts, gum, lollipops and chocolate bars milk.  For the production of certain products Mieszko licenses to other manufacturers [3] .


 In 2008, he appeared in comic ZozoMix magazine, published by the publishing house Egmont and dedicated brand Zozole [4] .

Lider Artur Sp.z.o.o. manufactures confectionery products and biscuits in Poland. It offers cookies, sandwich biscuits, gingerbread biscuits, crackers, and wafers. The company was incorporated in 1993 and is based in Wolomin, Poland. As of July 1, 2015, Lider Artur Sp.z.o.o. operates as a subsidiary of Dr Gerard sp. z o.o.





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