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The History Of The Confiteca CA Company



Confiteca C.A. produces and supplies confectionery products. The company provides bubble gums, chocolates, lollipops, novelties, chocolate and sugar coated almonds, sugar free chewing gums, and candies. It markets and sells its products through distributors in Ecuador and internationally. Confiteca C.A. was formerly known as American Chewing Products del Ecuador S.A. The company was founded in 1963 and is based in Quito, Ecuador.



Confiteca C.A. is made up of six manufacturing plants: Confectionary, Bubble Gum, Chewing Gum, Sugar Free, Chocolate and General Packaging, which are managed under strict BPM regulations and food safety management norms.

Each area is committed to offering consumers salubrious, high quality products, that are clearly labeled and that meet food hygiene regulations.

All CONFITECA C.A. processes have been audited and certified by ICONTEC INTERNACIONAL in accordance with ISO 22000:2005 and the HACCP under Standard NTC 5830:2010 to assure our clients that these processes comply with international food quality and safety requirements.



Confectionary and Bubble Gum Plant

On August 12th 1965, American Tun Products del Ecuador (ATPE), currently Confites Ecuatorianos C.A. (Confiteca), launched two products into the local market: chewing gum and bubble gum. By the end of that year, the production of gum and lollipops averaged seven thousand kilos a month. The products, at the time, were manufactured by thirty employees.

Currently, the confectionary plant employs 86 workers that manufacture brands Plop, American, Melo, Jaazz, Dr. Look, Confiteca, Tafi and Zoom.

The Bubble Gum plant employs 108 workers who produce Agogo, Tumix, Kataboom, amongothers.

Our Chewing Gum plant has been vital to CONFITECA’s growth. Our workforce is made up of seventy workers, who manufacture a number of different products, among them, leading brands Artic and Tumix.


Sugarfree Plant

Our Sugarfree gum plant contains advanced technological machinery at the prime of its field. We have eighteen operators who, through dedication and effort, guarantee high quality products.


Chocolate Plant

The plant uses only the best raw material available and produces come of the best chocolate in the world. The factory has two production lines, automatic and manual, in order to uphold high market standards.


General Packaging Plant

The General Packaging area receives semi-finished products and channels them to different destinations, both in local and international markets.

In order to correctly complete the packaging process we work with automatic machines and with 16 people per shift. In the area of manual packaging, we work with four continuous production lines made up of 24 employees per 2 lines and 26 laborers who work in the RETAIL area.


The quality of our confectionary

Due to globalization and the advances of technology, confectionary now needs to offer products that are more diverse, safe and nutritious at a lower cost and with added value.

In order to achieve these characteristics, we must increase our requirements in terms of the demands we place on our suppliers; our own controls over our production, conservation and distribution processes in order to satisfy the tastes, needs and demand of specific costumers.

Confiteca C.A. has developed a series of procedures that ensure quality standards in each of its products. Among these are the following:

-Clearly define the requirements and needs of our customers and consumers through adequate market research.

-Develop and establish the requirements, parameters and specifications that confectionary, raw materials and packaging materials must meet in order to comply with quality standards.

-Select and grade suppliers according to the established quality standards.

-Design and adapt production process as well the manufacturing plant to the required standards.

-Develop work methods and procedures that will be applied to production and quality control throughout the whole process.

-Develop controls and follow up methods employed by laborers through lab analysis, sensory evaluations, and self check procedures in order to determine correctness in production processes.

-Train the staff involved in each step of the process.

-Meet standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (or BPM in Spanish) established by Executive Decree 3253 of the Ecuadorian government, which include cleanliness, Critical Point Control (HACCP), proper labeling (NTE INEN 1334), as well as complementary and international quality requirements.

To accomplish the quality standards we need the proactive participation of the Marketing, Research & Development, Quality Management, Production and Logistics areas in order to achieve the expectations of the consumer.



To generate sensory and emotionally gratifying consumer experiences built within a work frame of pleasure, wellbeing and health through innovation, availability and the sustainable development of our brands in a pleasant workplace.



To be a world class community that permanently astounds our consumers supported by a work force with strong moral and organizational values that thoroughly enjoys their job.




- Confiteca is recognized as one of the world’s Top 100 Confectionery Companies. Internacional Industry magazine.



- Confiteca is recognized as one of the world’s Top 100 Confectionery Companies. Internacional Industry magazine.



- Confiteca is recognized as one of Ecuador’s Top 100 companies.

“Vistazo” magazine.



- Confiteca is recognized as one of Ecuador’s Top 100 Most Respected Companies

“Líderes” magazine.

- Confectionary and Snacks in Latin America

International Food Industry magazine

- Gold Award recognized by Ekos for the first place in Chocolates and Confectionery market.

Ekos magazine.

- Medal for entrepreneurial merit

Superintendence of Companies, Ecuador.




- Confiteca: a dream built by three generations “Gestión” magazine



- First place for Major Capital Brand for “CONFITECA” Brand Equity Index Company



- First place for Major Capital Brand for “AGOGO”.

Brand Equity Index Company.

- Second place for Major Capital Brand for “




- PremioeXpor 2012

The National Exporter PremioeXpor 2012 award recognizes effort, market originality and consistency

- Third Place for “Big Business Export”

- First Place in brand recognition category "Gum” for “AGOGO”

EKOS magazine




First Place in brand recognition category "Gum” for “AGOGO”

EKOS magazine.