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The History of The Pionir DOO Company






Pionir doo - Company for production of chocolate, candy and baked goods is one of the leading manufacturers of confectionery products in Southern Europe with a tradition of 98 years.

Pionir doo Beograd is part of a large and successful business system - Alco Group, who in addition to trade, design, construction, tourism and hotel industry has developed and production segment.

Pioneers Headquarters is located in Belgrade, while the production capacity installed in the factory in Subotica, Zemun, Paracin and Prokuplje.

The product range is divided Pioneers against four factories, although production is the largest segment factory in Subotica, where they formed the largest brands Pioneers: Honey Honey, Negro and Galeb chocolate.  By investing in new production lines, the factory in Subotica since 2008 has developed a number of new brands such as Vitanova, O la la!  cake and rolls and many others.

Pioneer branch factory in Zemun was founded in 2006 after the purchase of the company Sweet Vision Ltd. which is specialized in the production of confectionery products and healthy food.  Here is a pioneer product brands: O'Clock cereals, Yes Flips as a group prefer chocolate products under the brand Cica Maca.

The factory in Paracin, with the production capacity and modern lines specialized in the production of wafers and Picanto Sunmill crackers, while the factory to Hissar in Prokuplje responsible for the production and processing of fruit that produces a wide range of high quality marmalade and jams.  The product range is supplemented by the production of desserts, pralines and cream products.



From small private workshop established in 1917, which was privately owned by the family Ruff, Pioneer has crossed the path of nationalization and under this name appears in 1946.

Products that can still be found in a range Pioneers whose production began 30-ies of the last century are Menthol and Negro candy and chocolate Galeb.  In the period from 1979-1982 year were launched iconic brands Pioneers: Honey Heart and Sweet Heart.

Pioneer today, after the ownership transformation in 1998, operates according to standards and business models the world's largest producers of confectionery products.  Pioneer of the modern and equipped with modern factories, production capacity of 32,000 tons per year, with a wide range of products (over 200 items) covering all groups of confectionery: sweets, biscuits, chocolates and desserts.