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Vidal Golosinas S.A.




Confectionery manufacturing


1963, Spain


Molina de Segura, Murcia, Spain

Key people

Francisco Hernandez Vidal, founder and CEO


Liquorice products, gummy





Vidal Golosinas is a Spanish manufacturer and world leading marketer of confectionery,[1] specialising in the production of liquorice and gummy candies.


Vidal was founded in 1963 and, after more than 50 years, produces 50 million units a day in more than 60 countries.[1] Vidal produces products that are not produced by other confectioners, such as filled jelly sweets with 3D designs, center filled gummies, pectin-filled sweet foam, chewing gum with a fizzy filling and sugar coated liquorice. Vidal also produces Kosher products. Vidal's strongest markets are in the UK, France and Portugal as well as Spain.


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International bases[edit]


As well as their base in Murcia, Spain, Vidal also have bases in :

Lisbon, Portugal

Belfort, France

Rome, Italy

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Tzabei Hanajal, Israel

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1."Vidal Golosinas, 50 años endulzando la vida". ABC.es (in Spanish). 28 November 2013. Retrieved 2016-02-04.


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In 1963, the family creates Hernández Vidal Vidal Confectionary company in the Murcian town of Molina de Segura with a clear objective: to satisfy the desires of consumers around the world.  With this horizon always present, Vidal Confectionary quickly becomes a brand pioneer in the manufacture and marketing.


Since its birth, 50 years ago now, the company is committed to research and development of new products and identity on their way to excellence.  But are not the only.  Behind the success of this family of teachers confectioners they are also their creativity, a strong international focus and daring and bold character of its founding partners.


This constant effort has led to Vidal Golosinas to be an industry leader nationwide, where it has a distribution network of over 350,000 retail outlets, and become one of the most innovative companies and greater presence outside our borders.


Specifically, sales in the international arena now account for two-thirds of the total turnover of Vidal Confectionary.  As a result of this expansion worldwide, the company has its own commercial and logistics team in the UK and subsidiaries in the United States (Vidal Candies USA, Inc.);  Germany (Vidal Deutschland GMBH);  France (Vidal France, SARL);  Italy (Vidal Italy, Srl);  Portugal (Dutlim Produtos Alimentares, Lda.) And Vidal Scandinavia AB.


In addition, the trajectory of this family business has always been led by an organization committed to a rigorous marked by three unquestionable and inalienable principles: quality, innovation and corporate culture.  Today, Confectionary Vidal is one of the leading companies in its sector and has achieved international recognition, fulfilling the dream that 50 years ago the family Vidal scored.


Confectionary Vidal bet for quality is also present in their production processes.  At present, the company has an area of ​​115,000 square meters, of which 45,000 are home complete production lines with specific and own technological developments.


Their storage and distribution centers integrate the most advanced logistics practices with innovative solutions, profitability and maximum efficiency.  Vidal Confectionary incorporates the latest technology in information and communication systems, which can manage the preparation and delivery of their orders automatically and, therefore, offer all its customers a more efficient and higher quality service


For the manufacture of its products, Confectionary Vidal selects and uses the best raw materials market, adapting to the specific needs and requirements of countries and consumers to whom it is addressed.  This is the case, for example, the range of products Kosher and Halal.


The company offers a catalog consisting of over 1500 products and has a production capacity of 50 million units per day, which makes its range of the most varied and extensive sugar confectionery products industry.  Specifically, the supply of products Confectionary Vidal integrates into five categories: Jellybean;  Licorice;  Marshmallow;  Chewing gum.


These, in turn, are made up of other products, the result of creativity and innovation, complete the rich range of Vidal Candies, like rubber shine, rubber filled, foam, filling licorice, lollipop, hard and soft or dragee gum.  All this, moreover, complemented by a wide range of formats and presentations that put Vidal Confectionary in front of a demanding market and constantly evolving.



Vidal Candies, located in Molina de Segura, created in 1963 thanks to the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of the family Hernández Vidal.  Today, after 50 years of sweet history, he continues to meet the desires of consumers around the world.



Vidal Confectionary pioneered Spain in the industrial manufacture of jelly beans, gum grageado and sparkling with and without chocolate.



Thanks to its continuous research into new designs, patents Confectionary Vidal, in 1975 the first plastic jar to expose goodies outlets.  The effort in R + D + i also allowed to continue with new creations and patents that strengthen its leadership in the market.



Vidal became the first company that manufactured licorice continuously.  Two years later, in 1981, he launched first to market 'Bricks', a product of licorice that has become a classic in the field of sugar confectionery and later has been incorporated into the catalog other competitors.



In the search for new processes, Vidal Confectionary pioneered apply military technology for business and social purposes.  Specifically, the company was able to transform this technology to suit the drying chambers used in the preparation of sweets.



Thanks to the progressive growth of the company, significant investments in production lines and other facilities are made.  This new effort translates into a greater international presence and the strengthening of leadership in the Spanish market.



The company revolutionizes the international market with another new product that bears the unmistakable stamp of Vidal Confectionary: fruit marshmallows.



Along with this new product, other innovative creations that changed forever the field of sugar confectionery such as chewing gum stick effervescent filling the liquid filling grageado gum or filled rubber arise.



Confectionary Vidal becomes the first company to obtain ISO 9001 certification reflects concern for the quality of its products and food security.



Confectionary Vidal receives cerficaon British Retailer Consortium (BRC) and, later, the International Food Standard (IFS), both at its highest level.  More recently, the company has obtained the approval of the Jewish and Muslim communities through the Kosher certification and Halal Certificate of Compliance (2012) for many of its products.


Quality and R & D


Vidal Confectionary continuously improving its facilities, which together with increased investment in resources for research and innovation, become a pioneering company in technical development and creation of flavors, shapes and textures and new packaging designs.

The company excels in the confectionery sector as a pioneer both in the application of new technologies and the introduction of novel ingredients and absolutely launching innovative products, in many cases, for the first time in the world.

All its products enjoy maximum health and food security. In this regard, the company has the most prestigious quality certificates that compromise daily commitment and effort of the entire organization.

It was the first company in the sugar confectionery sector in Spain obtained the Aenor Company Certificate for quality management system according to ISO 9001.

It has also obtained the certifications British Retailers Consortium (BRC) and International Food Standard (IFS), both at its highest level, Kosher Certification for many of its products and Conformity certified Halal.







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