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The History Of The Riclan S.A. Company





Riclan´s history began in the 1940’s, when Ms. Irene Teixeira started manufacturing candies in her own home and selling them to the passengers of the local railway station.

Thanks to the major success of her candies, Irene founded the company IG Teixeira and hired several employees. In 1963, new investments were made and the company started the production of lollypops. Therefore, along with such changes, came the new name, Fábrica de Balas São João and the news of our flavor was spreading throughout Brazil. At that time, the company produced 1.5 tons per day.

In 1973, as a result of our strategy to achieve new markets and to offer high quality products, a new modern 30,000 m2 plant was built. From that time on, the world came to taste the delicious products of São João brand.

Since its beginning, the company always offered modern and high quality products to its consumers. In 1978, it started to manufacture chewing gum, under Buzzy brand, which is until today a huge success and sold with several fun stickers.

Needing to provide innovative and different products, in 1985 the company bought cutting edge equipment and introduced throat lozenges with the Freegells brand. The company also caused a revolution in the market launching the mentholated  in Brazil and once again was the first company to manufacture menthol candies with stickers.

After so many investments in technology, in the year 2000 a new attitude was taken to innovate and consolidate the corporate image, and the company was renamed Riclan S.A.  

Riclan is a business venture in licensing, launching innovative modern products with current characters, which are a great success with the public. The company also owns other brands that hold high standards of quality such as Freegells, Buzzy, Pocket, Pop Mania, Gomutcho, Energy Mix and TNT. The company currently manufactures 240 tons of confectionery products per day, which are distributed throughout the country and to over 80 countries in all the continents such as the United States of America, England, Belgium, China, Australia, Mexico and Argentina.

In 2003, an area of 200.000m2 was bought, also in the city of Rio Claro, where a modern distribution center was built.

The selection of raw material, continuous modernization of its plant and training and specialization policy for its employees provide Riclan an outstanding position in domestic and foreign scenarios and, therefore, it is considered one of the most innovative companies in the industry.