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Neugebauer SA

Vonpar Alimentos S / A

Slogan   "Our history is chocolate." 

Industry   feeding 

Genre   food company 

Foundation   Of September 17 of 1891 (124 years) 

Founders)   Franz Neugebauer

Ernest Neugebauer

Max Neugebauer

Fritz Gerhardt 

Thirst   porto Alegre 

Owner (s)   Group Vonpar SA 

Products   Chocolate and Sweets 



Neugebauer was one industry Brazilian of products chocolate headquartered in the Brazilian city of Arroio do Meio .  Currently is a brand of chocolates and sweets of Vonpar Group food division.


History [ edit | edit source ]


The Neugebauer is the oldest factory of chocolates in Brazil, having been founded by brothers immigrants Germans Franz, Ernest and Max Neugebauer, and partner Fritz Gerhardt in September 1891

When the coach confectioner German Franz Neugebauer arrived in Porto Alegre in 1887 , he talked with city officials and realized the interest they had in the establishment of new industries.  He now develop plans to manufacture food .


After getting the location, a building where once worked one school , Franz Neugebauer wrote to his relatives in Germany , asking his brother Ernest who specialized in confectionery branch and chocolates and his brother Max to come to Brazil, with order to start the industry.


And so, Franz and Max Neugebauer, along with his friend Fritz Gerhardt, founded the firm Neugebauer Brothers & Gerhardt, on September 17 , 1891. The start of activities faced obstacles, but managed to expand production , especially after the arrival of the Ernest Brazil, bringing new techniques and increasing the capital of the company.  In 1896 , with great success, the factory expanded and purchased another building and, with the exit of Fritz Gerhardt, changed the company name to Neugebauer & Brothers.


In the early twentieth century , with the full business success, the factory no longer entailed the increase in sales and had to grow.  In 1903 , they acquired more land and started the construction of the two-story building, which has long been the largest in the Navegantes district in Porto Alegre.  In new plants, expanded the industrial area and opened the first store products.


Around 1913 Neugebauer was divided into 10 sections, with the plant served by two steam engines that drive 30 machines and 10 themselves boilers for the production of confectionery. [1] Moreover, there sections of the carton and bodywork, and the latter served by an electric motor, which acionava 10 machines. [1] the packaging of confectionery was made ​​in cans of tin-tin white and lithographed also being wooden boxes made ​​in the factory. [1] There were about 2,000 types of dragees , caramels , tablets , fine chocolates, chocolate and biscuits being produced. [1] at that time the factory was awarded with great prizes, gold and silver medals at exhibitions in Rio Grande do Sul , United States , Milan and the exposure of Rio de Janeiro , with grand prize and several gold medals. [1]


With success, the Neugebauer brothers were victorious with their factory, now the most traditional of the country's chocolate industry.  They kept control over the industry until 1982 , when sold to the Phoenicia Group. [2]


In 1998 , the Parmalat buys Neugebauer [3] and keeps its assets until September 2002 , when the company is acquired by Florestal Alimentos [4] , of Lajeado , Rio Grande do Sul .


The Forest Food, as was the front Neugebauer, exported some of its products, such as  ball, assorted bonbons, tablets, bars and confectionery, to countries such as South Africa , Mexico , Colombia , Costa Rica , Oman , Jamaica , Ghana , Panama , Dominican Republic , Ecuador , Israel , Fiji and New Zealand .


In 5 of January of 2010 , the Vonpar Group, the largest bottler Coca-Cola states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina , buy Neugebauer, creating Vonpar Alimentos S / A, which is the food division of the group, encompasses both Neugebauer, as companies previously acquired, Mu-Mu foods (dairy products and sweets) and Wallerius (candies). [5]


Among their products stand out bonbons Carioca Love and Gala Evening (in new version), confectionary Bib's, tablets meal and Stikadinho the candies assorted souvenirs box, and Black and White bars (semisweet chocolate and white chocolate) and Napolitano (milk chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry flavor blade).




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Vonpar is a dream that began inside the Rio Grande do Sul and reached Brazil.

Created in 1948 by the Vontobel family, Vonpar is a gaucho company originated in the city of San Angelo.  It operates in food markets and beverages, and its broad portfolio, presents the most famous soft drink brand in the world: Coca-Cola.


Vonpar also has juices and teas Lion Food & Beverage, Crystal Water, beer of Heineken Brazil, chocolates Neugebauer - the first factory in the country chocolates - and Kitty Mu-Mu, with its recognized quality milk sweets.  In the soft drinks market, Vonpar is a leader in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, serving more than 14 million consumers.


The company structure consists of three plants: in Antônio Carlos / SC, Santo Ângelo / RS and Porto Alegre / RS.  Vonpar also has five distribution centers in different cities: Blumenau, Joinville, Chapecó, Farroupilha and Pelotas.  Already the food operation has a modern factory in the Middle / RS Arroyo.  The construction of this success story is based on values ​​of Vonpar applied daily for about 5000 employees in all business units.


Vision:   Our products and services delighted the beverage market.

Mission:   Be introduced to the people to drink guaranteed satisfaction and pleasure.


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