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Kambly SA Spécialités de biscuits suisses

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The Kambly SA Spécialités de biscuits suisses headquartered in Trubschachen is a Swiss pastry maker .  The company mainly produces pastry forth in the premium segment.  Offered are about 20 different varieties, which are exported to more than 50 countries.  Around 50 percent of sales are generated abroad [1] .

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History [ Edit | Source Edit ]


The now run by the third generation family business was founded in 1910 by Oscar R. Kambly.  This began as early as 1906 the first Bretzelibiskuits for a recipe of his grandmother produce. [2] 1910 Oscar R. Kambly could eventually take over the business of his former Baker taskmaster and thus laid the foundation for today's cookie factory in Trubschachen.  1953 was the company's management over to Oscar J. Kambly.  This combined his knowledge of industrial production in England with the artisanal chocolate and Confiseriekunst in Switzerland and introduced advanced technologies in biscuit production.  Since 1983, the traditional company is headed by Oscar A. Kambly, which hosted the company internationally and exports promoted.  In 1999, with the purchase of the former Arni an additional production site in Lyss added, which was closed in 2013. [3] [4]


Products [ Edit | Source Edit ]

Kambly Biscuits

The oldest product of the company is the pretzels , which is produced continuously since 1906. [5] Other well-known products are the Biscuits Butterfly, Caprice, Mignon and the Petit Beurre.

Kambly also produces savory biscuits.  Are sold in cooperation also the salt baked goods company Cornu SA (Recette De Champagne).

Web Links [ Edit | Source Edit ]

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Website of Kambly SA Spécialités de biscuits suisses


References [ Edit | Source Edit ]

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Company (Canton of Berne)


Established in 1910




Kambly Brätzeli

Bretzeli, often in the French form Bricelet, are a well-known pastry specialty from Switzerland , preferably from Western Switzerland .  Commercially marketed they are, inter alia through the Emmental company Kambly .

They are made with wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat, eggs, butter and leavening agent.  As natural flavors they contain lemon oil.  The dough is paper thin on a Bretzeli iron baked and should be similar to a sickle pastries still be briefly moldable.

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Three generations

Three individuals embodying vision and entrepreneurial responsibility.

Oscar R. Kambly establishes the company in 1910 and transforms his village bakery into a biscuit factory of regional significance. The Bretzeli, a fine, crêpe-type biscuit, his first and most important product, is still the company's market leader.

Unterschrift_Oscar Kambly I_ohne Hintergrund

Oscar J. Kambly takes over in 1953 and transforms Kambly into a strong, nationally well-known and much-loved brand.

Unterschrift_Oscar Kambly II_ohne Hintergrund

Oscar A. Kambly follows his father in 1983 and gradually establishes Kambly as a brand of international recognition.


100 years of Kambly - the vision is alive

For three generations, Kambly has epitomised the very best in traditional Swiss biscuits. The history of Kambly began more than one hundred years ago with the Emmental "Bretzeli" – baked according to grandmother's recipe.


It all began with a love story.


During a stay in the French part of Switzerland, young Oscar Kambly met a girl from the village of Trubschachen, and soon he could not imagine life without her. Thus, after graduating from school he followed his beloved to her farming village in the Emmental, where he learnt his trade as a baker and confectioner at the village bakery.

After acquiring more in-depth professional experience abroad he returned to the village of his love, took over the bakery of his master and started his own business together with his new wife.


The beginning of a legend


Soon the village bakery became too small. In 1910 Oscar Kambly established the company, assisted by his brother Paul, and transformed the bakery into a biscuit factory. During wartime, when raw materials became scarce, the founder did not waver from his quality policy, preferring to halt production rather than deviate from the original recipes. This only confirmed to Swiss consumers that Kambly meant the best possible quality, without compromise. True to his vision of bringing the very best of the Emmental to all of Switzerland, Oscar Kambly launched the “Caramels à la crème d’ Emmental” in 1924.


Three generations called Oscar Kambly


Three individuals embodying a corporate culture shaped by people for people. During all three generations five pioneering acts have inspired Kambly and will continue to do so in the future:

"Focus on what we can do better"

"Quality without compromise"

"Permanent advantage through technology"

"Aspire to ever greater heights"

"Kambly is available wherever connoisseurs seek high-quality biscuits"

Outstanding quality and state-of-the-art technology

Kambly continued to gain advantage through technology over its competitors by constantly developing and renewing its processing technology and by designing as well as constructing the most important machines specifically to its own needs, a key to competitive advantage.

But one thing has never changed: Kambly stands for quality without compromise.

Oscar Kambly III and Kambly goes international

Oscar A. Kambly follows his father in 1983 and gradually establishes Kambly as an internationally recognised brand. Kambly is Switzerland’s leading exporter of baked goods with operations spanning all five continents.

Combining craftmanship and technology

The Kambly biscuit creations are of well-proven, original, artisan confectioner’s quality and mastership although they are produced by cutting-edge robotics technology.

Spreading biscuit baking tradition across the world

Kambly is available wherever connoisseurs seek high-quality biscuits. Few places in the world have a tradition of quality biscuit-making comparable to that of Switzerland. Part of Kambly's business concept is that discerning customers around the world should be able to find Kambly's elegant, quality products as they go about their daily shopping. In France, Kambly has led the premium segment "biscuits pâtissiers haut de gamme" for more than 20 years.

Delights that delight for 100 years

Every day, the Kambly employees give their very best and show great care and dedication in delighting our customers. Joy unites and makes us strong.


Kambly today

Kambly is a Swiss, family-owned company. Its high quality tradition is over 100 years old. All Kambly specialities are produced in Switzerland, as if by a master's skilled hand, making full use of the latest technological innovations.

Kambly upholds positive, typically Swiss values such as "quality without compromise", authenticity, credibility, respect for nature and sustainability. Kambly stands for the skilled craftsmanship and tradition of Swiss "Maîtres Confiseurs et Chocolatiers".

Kambly is Switzerland's best-known and most popular biscuit brand. In the premium segment of the global fine biscuit market, Kambly is the world leader in terms of quality and innovation. Kambly is the largest biscuit manufacturer in Switzerland and the leading Swiss exporter in its branch: exports to over 50 countries on all five continents make up some 50% of the company's total turnover.



Fine biscuits

Salted biscuits

Assorted biscuits




New products


Hausspezialitäten aus dem Emmental


Nature & Saveurs




Celebrating 110 years of Kambly Bretzeli

Win a travel voucher worth CHF 10,000

All you need to do is collect Gold Bretzeli

On each Bretzeli pack (115g) you'll find a Gold Bretzeli. Just stick eight Gold Bretzeli onto your entry card or a postcard and enter our competition. Everyone who hands in a full card at the Kambly Experience in Trubschachen will also receive a small gift.

Bild Web Goldbretzeli Promo




Like grandma used to make


Kambly's story began over a hundred years ago with Grandma's Emmental "Bretzeli" biscuits. Settling in Trubschachen to be with his sweetheart, Oscar R. Kambly began to bake Bretzeli for the inhabitants of the valley, using his grandmother's family recipe.

Ever since then, we have been producing them according to the original recipe day by day, carefully upholding the high quality and tradition associated with Kambly.


Baked with love and care


From the very start, Bretzeli have been Kambly's inspiration and flagship product. But what is the recipe for their success? Although we are unable to reveal all its secrets, we can give you an idea of the life and inspiration of the founder. For him, bread was not just bread, and Bretzeli was more than a biscuit.


Of course, he always used the finest ingredients, but when the family started out, Bretzeli were only baked for special celebrations - as an expression of joy, affection and thankfulness. But you can only give

as much joy as is in your heart. So the most important ingredients of Bretzeli were loving devotion and care.




Recipe book Oscar R. Kambly I Following his grandmother's recipe, Oscar R. Kambly I started baking Bretzeli for the people of the village and the Emmental valley.



Bretzeli sample case


With a well-stocked sample case Oscar R. Kambly I set off on foot to introduce his Bretzeli to customers,

throughout Switzerland.




Bretzeli tin


Soon however, the Bretzeli gained so many fans that Oscar R. Kambly decided to sell them as his specialty to an ever-growing clientele.



One of Oscar J. Kambly's pioneering acts was the invention of today's small-format biscuit packaging; before that biscuits were being delivered in large tins and then sold on by weight. The new slogan was: "Fresh from the oven, untouched, portioned", thus offering best protection from humidity and breakage.




100 years of Bretzeli


What started small 100 years ago, has matured to the best-selling classic biscuit.




Bretzeli tin for Kambly's centenary




Day after day the Kambly Bretzeli is made with the same recipe and care in order to justify the Kambly quality again and again.



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