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Rübezahl Schokoladen GmbH


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Dettingen unter Teck 


Peter Cersovsky, CEO

Claus Cersovsky, CEO


500 (seasonal 700) 


143.1 million EUR (2012) [1] 


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The Rübezahl Schokoladen GmbH in Dettingen unter Teck is one of the world's largest manufacturer of chocolate figures.  The company's founder Josef Cersovsky came from the Giant Mountains and named his company after the mountain spirit Rübezahl .  The corporate management is still in the family Cersovsky.  Each year the company produces about 500 million Nicholas - and Easter Bunny figures , 40% of goods are exported to more than 50 countries.  Much of the production is under trademarks sold.  Standalone provides the Rübezahl Schokoladen GmbH their products under the brand Friedel.


History Edit


The company was established in 1949 by Josef Cersovsky in Plochingen founded.  In 1953 the company moved to Stuttgart-Plieningen and 1967 to Dettingen unter Teck.  1989 operating in the confectionery segment company Koch was from Balingen taken.


2008 by Claus and Oliver Cersovsky GbR the rights to Gubor acquired and the related recipes and a part of the machinery.  Claus Cersovsky and his brother Oliver Cersovsky hold the majority of shares in Rübezahl Schokoladen GmbH. [2]


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 A native of the Giant Mountains Josef Kaufmann Cersovsky - hence the name of the famous mountain spirit Rübezahl - opened in Plochingen am Neckar a shop for all kinds of confectionery He is dedicated to inter alia the production of chocolate..



Moving to Stuttgart-Plieningen.  In the 50s, the focus is on the production of wafers and builds parallel the hollow figure production.



Admission of Peter Cersovsky, the son of the founder, to the Executive Board.



Rübezahl moves from Plieningen to Dettingen and now produces 125 tonnes of chocolate a year.  It focuses exclusively on the production of hollow figures-season items like chocolate Santas and Easter bunnies.



 In the 60s, the company in the municipality Lauter 20 employees.




 Claus and Oliver Cersovsky, the grandson of Josef Cersovsky, occur in the company.




Rübezahl acquires operating in confectionary segment Koch from Balingen and now operates under the name Rübezahl Koch.


The number of employees has grown to 100 people.



Rübezahl takes the brand Sun Rice, puffed rice to self-developed production method in its range on.



Rübezahl acquires the Disney license, solving the Nestlé Group from.



Under the brand name Magical Chocolate Rübezahl distributes from now on Disney license products from chocolate.



Rübezahl accepts the chocolate area and the trademark of the company Friedel in Wernigerode, which has become known by effervescent powder and chocolate products, so expanding its product range and is a full-range.  From now on, include rolled chocolate specialties such as nougat eggs and Knickebein pins to offer.  Under the brand Friedel Rübezahl specializes in seasonal items such as chocolate Santas and Easter bunnies.



Under his brand Sun Rice developed Rübezahl new products Sun Rice Bool, filled with cocoa cream and puffed rice milk puffed chocolate balls.



Rübezahl employs up to 300 people and produces in 3-shift operation.  In season daily run more than 100,000 chocolate bunnies from the tape, the end of the year to 20-25 million chocolate Easter Bunny and as many chocolate Santas, along with 15 million advent calendars, add up.

Annually sells Rübezahl more than 24,000 tonnes of chocolate products!

Rübezahl takes Advent with the known licensed characters SpongeBob and Bob the Builder in its range.



The German Agricultural Society (DLG) draws the Sun Rice Chunks whole milk for the first time with the "Gold Award 2007".


The Friedel-chocolate Easter bunny (150g) is evaluated by the consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST, issue 4/2007 "very good".


Togbui Ngoryifia Olatidoye Kosi céphas bansah, King of Hohoe Ghana appoints Rübezahl Schokoladen during the International Sweets and Biscuits Fair in Cologne Royal Chocolate purveyors.


The popular Sun Rice - Minis there are now also in a BIO-variant.



Rübezahl takes Sun Rice Kidcrunchy (puffed rice with chocolate, milk cream and cereals 5) in its range on.

With a TV spot for its Schokoladenpuffreisprodukt Sun Rice and a poster campaign Rübezahl launches in spring 2008 in Austria, the first advertising campaign in company history.  A TV campaign in Germany followed in the autumn of 2008.


The Claus and Oliver Cersovsky GbR is the trademark of the premium chocolate brand Gubor.



With the license of Asterix Rübezahl extended its license Advent assortment.


At ISM provides Rübezahl a very special product innovation: The Gummi Bears Chocolate Choco Gomis before that meets with customers and trading on extremely strong interest.




In a nationwide promotion Rübezahl is giving away a full year holiday with Sun Rice.


The Claus and Oliver Cersovsky GbR founded the Drageeunternehmen Weseke dragees GmbH and takes over the trademark rights of Borkener Drageeherstellers dragees from Weseke GmbH.



Rübezahl receives the "Golden watch the SG 2011", the highest award of the German Confectionery Industry, which is given to companies and individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the German Confectionery Industry.



Rübezahl uses for his product Choco Gomis first UTZ CERTIFIED cocoa from sustainable cultivation.

Acquisition of national and international distribution rights of Reutter GmbH Zuckerwarenfabrik in Rosengarten-Westheim.

From May 2012 on taking Rübezahl majority stake of Reutter GmbH.




Rübezahl is "generational change" honored with the ntv SME Award "Hidden Champion 2013 'in the category with the 3rd place.


As of May 2013, takes Rübezahl the entire company shares the Reutter GmbH Zuckerwarenfabrik in Rosengarten-Westheim.




 Rübezahl closes the Reutter GmbH Zuckerwarenfabrik in May, 2014.


Rübezahl sells annually about 30 million advent calendar and is thus one of the largest manufacturers of chocolate advent calendars.

Arguably the largest manufacturer of chocolate hollow figures in Baden Württemberg provides Rübezahl year ago about 50 million chocolate Easter Bunny and as many -Weihnachtsmänner.


Sales of chocolate Rübezahl now amounts to about 180 million euros (fiscal year 2013/14), with a total tonnage of 40,000 tonnes of chocolate products.


Meanwhile, the entire European food trade is part of the clientele of Rübezahl.  Additionally Rübezahl exports its products in more than 50 countries, including Canada, Japan, Australia, the United States and several Eastern European countries.


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