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Empresas Carozzi SA

Your family, our family 



Open corporation 


Food industry 



Founder (s)

Augusto Carozzi Passani 

Ex names

Young Italy, Carozzi and company. 


Bandera de Chile  Saint Bernard 


Flag of Argentina.svg  Argentina

Flag of Chile.svg  Chile

Flag of Peru.svg  Peru 


Gonzalo Bofill Velarde 


Agrozzi, Ambrosoli , Caress, Costa , Fanny, Miraflores, Molitalia, Pomarola, Selecta, Sprim, Trattoria, Vivo 


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Carozzi factory in San Bernardo , Santiago .

Empresas Carozzi SA (Carozzi) is a company multinational Chilean , family owned Bofill , specializing in the food industry and owner of a large leading markets nationally and internationally .  It is one of the largest conglomerates in Latin America and reaches an annual turnover of over 860 million dollars .  Carozzi's motto is "Love it!".  Its president is Gonzalo Bofill Velarde.


Empresas Carozzi has brands: Carozzi in pastas, Costa in chocolates and biscuits, Ambrosoli in candies, chocolates and candies, Teófilo Grob in flour, Pomarola in tomato sauce, Sprim in instant drinks, Caress desserts and Agrozzi in pulps fruit and tomato paste.


Internationally, it has production plants in Argentina and Peru , where it has Molitalia .  In addition, it is present in more than thirty countries and in major markets worldwide, including Brazil, Japan, Central America, Mexico, Paraguay and the United States.  The main rival of Empresas Carozzi is Tresmontes Lucchetti ( Nutresa Group ).


History [  ]


In 1907 Carozzi and company faces its first big decision: to move its base of operations to the city of Quilpué .  The change reflected the need for a better climate for drying the noodles .  The company also chose a new name: "Company Mills and Carozzi Noodles".


Carozzi growth was constant, oblivious even to the vicissitudes that the country faced after the end of the boom nitrate and the Great Depression .  It was in these situations of uncertainty surfaced clearly the permanent values ​​of the company.  Carozzi was positioned as a precursor company to seek better living conditions for their workers.  In 1948, it opened in the small town of Quilpué the Carozzi population, that giving a home to the workers of the company was a real tribute to the spirit of its founder.


In his many years in office, Augusto Carozzi had a permanent concern, keep your company at the forefront of the development of pastas , acquiring the latest developments in the industry Europe for application in Chile, offering its customers an innovative and quality product.


The person who continued the work begun by Augusto Carozzi was Enrique Costa Venzano , who made ​​an important effort for decades to run the company from the positions of General Manager and Director.  During his tenure he focused on transforming Carozzi a modern and relevant national company carrying out the construction of modern plant We , vital for the future of the company.  Also during his leadership he contributed significantly to the development of Quilpué: donated land for the construction of a hospital , got express trains would stop in the city and to undertake reductions in fares to students that they should go to perfect Vina del Mar or Valparaiso .


In the 1950s , Carozzi has become one of the most modern pulp mills in America , at the opening of the first tunnel machine for long noodles country.


The small-town Quilpué plant becomes one of the top three in the world in having a process continuous and automatic in the production of pasta.  In 1965 , the most modern pasta plant was inaugurated South America in us .  His execution was a whole event , and was one of the most important private projects in the time that brought together three of the architects of the modern pioneers in Chile: Luis Mitrovic , Emilio Duhart and Christian De Groote .


On January 24 of 1970 a huge fire destroyed the plant Carozzi in Quilpué, where 60% ​​of the noodles were consumed in Chile was made.  This forced the newly plant we built , to redouble their efforts to meet the needs of the country.  The company devoted itself immediately to the reconstruction of destroyed facilities.  Under President Gonzalo Bofill Case , the company has consolidated its leadership in the industry nationally, with visionary decisions like the acquisition of Costa, who a few years administration became one of the largest producers of chocolates in the country, offering innovative products and exploring facets unknown like make cookies, area in which he lacked experience but in which soon achieved a prominent seat.  The success of Carozzi transferred the pasta market and expands the chocolates , biscuits , flour , tomato sauce , instant drinks , candies , sweets , pulps of fruits and tomato paste.


Exemplary products Costa .

Each company of the group, in their field, continues with the seal of quality leadership and Carozzi.  So Agrozzi , for example, is one of the processing plants of tomatoes largest southern hemisphere and has the most advanced technology in the food processing.  In the area of industrial flours, Carozzi acquires in 1988 Somol (Society Molinera de Osorno ) and nine years later, takes control of one of the most important companies in the sector miller in Chile, Teófilo Grob Industrial Company, located in the city of La Union , in southern Chile.  Carozzi thus achieves become one of the largest fishmeal producer in the country.


Thus, in a century of history, Carozzi went from being a major one-product company pastas, one of the largest food companies in Chile and Latin America.  In the mid-1990s, the process starts internationalization through production subsidiaries in Argentina and Peru .


In 1994 Carozzi brand presence in the market US through Carozzi North America Inc ., Directly distributing its products in the competitive market American .  The following year the modern factory is built cookies and cakes COSTAPERU , which under the auspices of the Costa brand becomes one of the largest in the Peruvian market.  In 1997 he acquired, in the same country, ITALY MILL SA major producer of pasta, flour and semolina.  In Argentina the major producer Confectionery and Sweets DRF Billiken is acquired.


Ownership structure [  ]

Carozzi is a publicly traded company and has a board made ​​up mostly by Chilean representatives who handle the whole 76% stake in the company.  Part of the directory two representatives of Tiger Brands , socio strategic Carozzi.


More History


Carozzi, one of the companies most respected and valued consumer Latin America, involving more than 116 years ago in the national food industry and has operations more than 22 years abroad.  The company in Chile and Peru markets a wide variety of sweets and food.  In our country participates in 16 categories of food: pasta, rice, biscuits, chocolates, candies, breakfast cereals, desserts, meals, drinks and refreshments, tomato sauce, juice, fruit pulp and tomato paste, dog food and cats.




pasta producer opens in Valparaiso "Young Italy, Carozzi and company." Founded by Augusto Carozzi Passani.  In 1907 the factory moved to Quilpué with the name "Company Mills and Carozzi Noodles" and in 1965 is inaugurated in us most modern plant for processing of pastas existing South America to that time.




The plant grows and changes its name and location: Quilpué appears in the "Company Mills and Carozzi Noodles".  During the decades of the 40s and 50s the company becomes a national benchmark in modernity, technology and quality.




Founding partner dies, Augusto Carozzi.  What happens Enrique Costa Venzano, son of one of the founders of the Company, who played a key role in the modernization of the company.




plant for the production of modern pastes South America until then opens at Nos




The president of the company is taken over by Francisco de Caso Rivera, who marked a new stage in the management of the Company, with a clear family seal that remains to this day, always accompanied by an emphasis on the professionalism of its executives and technology of its plants.




Carozzi assumes the presidency of Gonzalo Bofill Case concerning the modernization and professionalization of the entire production work.  Carozzi expands and diversifies, buying startups and covers a broad sector of the food market.





Carozzi enters the chocolate business to buy Costa.  Carozzi standardizes the marketing of this product in the country and had to extend the chocolate factory in Valparaiso and build a modern plant cookies and cakes in Nos.




Born Agrozzi SA, the Agroindustrial Division Carozzi, aimed at exports of tomato paste and fruit pulp.  Today features the Southern Hemisphere's largest tomato processing plant and the most advanced technology in the food processing Teno, VII Region.  It is currently the world's number one producer of Merranean fruit pulps.




Carozzi is internationalized by opening an office in the United States: Carozzi North America Inc. is directly distributes its products in the competitive US market.




Carozzi lands in Peru with the opening of Costa and a year later the company acquired Molitalia SA, which is currently the country's third largest food company.




Given the sustained growth and business opportunities that open Carozzi is associated with the main South African food company, Tiger Brands Ltd. which contributes financial resources, technology transfer and contributions at the strategic level.



Carozzi obtained national leadership in the market for sweets to buy 100% of Industrias Ambrosoli SA The company founded in 1948 by Costantino Ambrosoli in the V Region.  Combined sales of Costa and Ambrosoli, currently allow Empresas Carozzi lead the confectionery business in the country.




Carozzi acquires flour business consumer with Selecta brand and also makes its entry into the business of breakfast cereals after the acquisition of such a company Molinera San Cristobal.





November 29 killed Gonzalo Bofill de Caso, who chaired Empresas Carozzi for 32 years.  Under his leadership, the company grew from-a mono-producer of noodles Carozzi Carozzi Pasta- to the Chilean company the country's largest food.  Takes the Chair of the Board his son Gonzalo Bofill Velarde, director of the company for 28 years.




Carozzi announced a millionaire investment plan of US $ 300 million for the next three years.  the construction of the new Industrial Complex We, the new plant in Teno Juice Concentrates start and plant expansion at Los Olivos Peru Molitalia opens.  Carozzi acquires 100% of Nutripro, leader in the manufacture and marketing of pet food through their brands and MasterCat MasterDog company.




Carozzi inaugurates two new plants pastas, a new cereal plant, a new plant of cookies, a Civic Centre with administrative offices, a sports center and the expansion of the distribution center in San Bernardo.  In addition, the new plant juice concentrates Agrozzi opens in the city of Teno.




In its 115 years Carozzi was awarded the "Outstanding Sofofa Enterprise Award 2013".  This year, the company continued to grow and acquired two leading brands in pet food in Peru: Mimaskot and Nutrican.  Under the year of innovation, Carozzi received the "Innovation Award in Healthier Food Processing", recognized as a leading innovation company.



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Costa (company)




Friday 10/09/2015 163530 - Biscuits Costa Mantequilla.jpg

Costa Butter Cookies. 






Bandera de Chile  Valparaiso in 1907 

Founder (s)

Federico Costa Pastene 


Bandera de Chile  Reñaca , Chile 


more than 3,000 people 




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Costa  is a company Chilean specialist items of chocolate and confectionery in general and one of the largest in the country, was established in Valparaiso in 1907 , it has more than 3,000 employees, three production plants in Reñaca , Us, Lima , and with more than 250 products, which are sold in over 30 countries.


 History [  ]


During its inception in 1907 , the factory Costa was focused mainly produces  through a completely manual labor.  At that time, the company was working on an immigrant Genoese called Federico Costa Pastene, who at age 16 stood out for their efforts and enthusiasm to show a keen interest in the development and growth of the company.


In 1915 a huge fire hit factory (located at the time in the neighborhood Almendral de Valparaíso ) which caused the first major challenge of Federico Costa was the reconstruction of the company.  This task brought forward with important and loyal companions present in the history of this successful company.


As part of Empresas Carozzi , Costa experiencing a significant boost to growth, which is reflected in 1985 , when constructed in Santiago a huge biscuit factory, which is entering a new business area.  At the same time, in Valparaiso , a strong process of modernization of the plant is driven chocolates.


The entrenched position Costa abroad translates into the construction of the plant of the company in Lima , which the company began to have a strong role in the foreign market, because today the company exports to over 24 countries and also has processing plants in Argentina .


Products [  ]
















Of yours 

Cereal bars 

cereal Bar

great Cereal 

breakfast cereal  

monkey Balls 


References [  ]


1.  Volver arriba ↑ 'Costa Official Website. " . 


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"Life is sweet" 






Bandera de Chile  Vina del Mar , Chile 


chocolates, candies, desserts and soft drinks 


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Ambrosoli is a company Chile , specializing in the production of food.  It belongs to the Chilean multinational Carozzi .


History [  ]


Ambrosoli, a company created by Giovanni Ambrosoli in the early twentieth century, located in Italy on Lake Como. This company started selling honey that made his family.  Good earnings in the business allowed apiaries installed in 1920 on a large scale.  In 1930 they begin to produce honey candies;  thanks to the Second World War Don Constantino, eldest son of Giovanni Ambrosoli, decided in 1943 to expand the company in Chile.  achieving in 1962 the arrival of the first packaging machine known as "The World", 10 years after it begins to produce the famous chocolates.


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