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Feast, feast Food Industry Co. .  by Shepherd family in 1989 with the name of Gaziantep 't was established. ,  products, biscuits, crackers, cakes,  and delight is located in the market with its products in the category.


According to TEA data, Turkey's biggest export firms which  and  products Feast, today over 200 varieties of products are exported to over 100 countries.  One of the most important list of the world's confectionery field " Industry Top 100" list in 2014, 49 in the companies, Biscolata, Milango, Ozmo, Wapps, Lpo, Lokkum, Nutymax, Greta is incorporating local and brand have been successful in international markets such as.




 1989 - The first plant was established in Gaziantep


 1991 - Turkish State has gained tremendous momentum in exports


 1994 - Istanbul Office opened


 2001 - Number of countries exported to 66 output


 2004 - The first commercial was filmed on Triplex brand


 2005 - Gaziantep te set  its second manufacturing facility.


 2007 - have been included in the Turquality Program.


 2009 - Istanbul Silivri factory was established.


 It began production of bakery products.


 Biscolata Starz launches made cakes and sandwiches Stix and Lpo


 'You're a Feast Day' 2009 campaign has been owned by the EFFIE Bronze Award


 2010 - Management Model has changed;  Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer were separated


 Turkey was the most engaged in the export of  companies.


 2011 - ISO 500 list rose to 184 in order.


One of the most important in the world of confectionery field list " Industry Top 100" list was ranked 59th.


Biscolata Pie, according to social media research done MediaCat Magazine "Product of the Year" award.


2012 - was elected a second time to Turquality Program.


Milango in competitions organized under Turquality Design Turkey in the packaging category "Best Design" award for.


It started to invest in a new integrated facility in Gaziantep.


2013 - The first 100 to enter the grade 86.sıra in Turkey Exporters Assembly.


Turkey Exporters Assembly, according to data from Turkey Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products have been leading the industry in the export sector.


Turkey was the largest 134 industrial companies.


Delight, a traditional Turkish dishes under the brand Lokken redesigned modern interpretations of Turkish and presented to the taste of the consumers.  Turkey became the first industrial company that produces delight.


2014 - Elif Shepherd, and given jointly by Advertising Age magazine MediaCat "Women To Watch" was awarded the Women Make a Difference awards.


The first brand of Turkey's first and only Turkish Delight bars Feast wapps brought together with consumer products.


 It renewed its corporate identity.


Biscolata TPA has registered the title of well-known brands in the eyes.




1 in Istanbul, there are six facilities, including 5 in Gaziantep.  In 2012, it began to invest in Gaziantep 4 Organized Industrial Zone 'in the present with its production facilities in the total area of 210 thousand square meters.




 Elif Shepherd - Chief Executive Officer


 Ismail Coban - Chairman of the Board


 Ali Shepherd - Vice Chairman of the Board


 Mehmet Coban - Board Member


 Hasan Coban - Board Member


 Hazim Ellialti - Board Member


 Gülçin Gokcen - Board Member


 Top Brands



 I Lokken



 Moje to






 Choco's from



 Golden Wafers

 Hello Kitty


 Maxb is








 New Lira


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Founded in 1989, company

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Turkish food companies

Turkish delight


Delight, water, sugar, starch and citric acid or tartaric acid or potassium tartrate be prepared to delight audiences with necessary condiments, prepared in accordance with the technical addition of dry or dried fruit and similar materials is a traditional Turkish dessert.


In Arabic, "relaxed-ul hulkum" (throat relaxes) in the passing and delight derived from these clauses, since the 15th century according to some sources Anatolia 'is also available. [1] According to some sources the 18th century at the end of Ali Muhiddin Haci Bekir by the hard  bored Abdülhamit's invented a pop-contest result on the soft confectionery request and in this contest Muhittin Haci Bekir was the first. [2] However, whether the 18th century, whether producing the series delights you have been invented in the 15th century, popularized and Europe 'Ali is no doubt that people who promote or Hacı Bekir Muhittin be.  Delight in Europe in the 19th century, began to spread to Europe to lead by Hacı Bekir delight of a British traveler. [3]



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1 Product Features

2 Name and history

3 in the world  3.1 Greece

3.2 Romania

3.3 North America

3.4 Brazil

Top of its 3.5 British and British Commonwealth

4 Related Products

5 Popular culture

6 References

Product specifications [Change | Change source]

The look of delight, the delight of the type-specific and given the shape of the protected tissue of Delight, the elastic structure should be able to get the old form after a finger pressed to be perceived as soft and smooth in the mouth.

Today;  simple, hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, coconut, orange, rose-petal, strawberry, as well as the lemon delight cream, mint, vanilla and many varieties as ginger delight lokum production is made.


Name and date [Change | Change source]

Turkish last bite or delight words, لقمة in Arabic LuQi on (t) 'bite', comes from multiple لقوم Luque words. [4] Ottoman alternative name, from Arabic derived by راحة الحلقوم cozy get-ḥulq'm comfortable ul-hulkum roll and throat relaxing It stands for. [5] [6] Libya , Tunisia and Saudi Arabia at حلقوم known as ḥalqūm. Bosnia at "cozy delight" is known. Greek name "λουκούμι" (Loukoumi) The etymology of the id and Modern Turkish is almost the same, Cyprus 'ta "Cyprus Delight" as sold. [7]


Delight, known in Anatolia since approximately 15th century together, especially in the 17th century, the Ottoman Empire became widespread in the territory.  In Europe through an English traveler "Turkish Delight" became known in the 18th century with the name.  Previously, honey and molasses and flour in the 17th century delight made with the composition "Keller sugar" and made known through especially refined sugar to be brought into the country with the availability of starch, but also changed the flavor.

Worldwide [Change | Change source]

Greece [Change | Change source]

Turkish Delight in Greece is known since the 19th century and Loukoumi [λουκούμι] is called.  Usually in Patras, on the island of Syros and is produced in northern city of Serres and Komotini.  The version in Komotini famous sausage delight, produced in Turkey walnut sausage bears similarities.  Delight in Greece, as in Turkey, Turkish coffee is served with. Rosewater and bergamot in addition to the flavored kind mastic-flavored species is also very popular.


 Romania [Change | Change source]


Delight in Romanian, Arabic comfortable ul-holka I 'abbreviation is called comfortable. [8] But that varies comfortable word in Romanian and Turkish as translated "nonsense", as the English translation of "bullshit" an insult meaning phrase has become. [9] [10] Linguists Lazăr Şăinea according to the source into the Romanian 17 and 18th century, all Turkish words have become cynical or derogatory in time. [11]


In Romania alone or cornuleţ a comfortable, Cozonac or ham is consumed by adding the so-called biscuit cake. [12] Romania and the Balkans' in addition to the traditional Turkish coffee is served.


North America [Change | Change source]


North America 'in delight, the English name of the Turkish delight or a traditional name, which Delight name is not available.  Since 1964, California 'comfortable Locum name of peanut by a company named stationed Nory , nuts and rosewater, mint, orange, is produced with pomegranate and liqueur-flavored version. Washington in the state in Cashmere stationed produced by another company called Liberty Orchards Aplets & Cotlets Fruit Delights with a variety of products and has been described as the Americanized version of Turkish delight.  Liberty Orchards company also began selling a product called Turkish Delight since 2012 year.


Nestlé by Canada at the Big Turk  Bar basic content of a product which are sold under the name consists of the materials used in delight.


Brazil [Change | Change source]

Delight in Brazil Turco Manji, Delícia Turca, cute and Bala Bala de Goma Goma Árabe is also known by the names.  Most other Middle East such as flavors, Latin America 'or Levantine Arab diaspora reached thanks.

Top of its British and British Commonwealth [Change | Change source]

Cadbury's produced by a company called Fry's Turkish Delight is a product United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Canada and New Zealand also sold in countries like though, there is very little in common with traditional delight.


Hershey Canada on products from the company are used red and green delight of Bridge Mixture.


Jelibon 'contained in the jelly is known based on the origin delight. [13]


Named Chuckles the product manufactured by a company named Farley's & Sathers  Company in America, starch coated with delight has been manufactured separately from the per layer of crystallized sugar coated bears similarities with largely locus.


 Related products [Change | Change source]


Delight is said to smell like perfume brand and has several product using delight name. Loukho I / Ava Luxe, Loukho I / Keiko Mecheri and loukoum / Serge Lutens takes place between these products and producers



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