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Konti Gro

«Конті Груп»






Donetsk, Ukraine

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Konti Gro (Ukrainian: «Конті Груп») is a Ukrainian confectionery manufacturer company based in Donetsk.[1][2]


Konti Gro, originally Kiev-Konti, was founded in 1997.[3] The company is a manufacturer of confectionery products in Ukraine. It owns several trademarks: Bonjour, Ser-Kontik, Belissimo, Melodika, Grand-KONTI and Mamumin Tort, a subdivision in Latvia and Kursk[4] and exports products to Europe and Asia.[5][6][7][8]


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Svitoch (Ukrainian: Світоч) is a Lviv-based Ukrainian confectionery manufacturer, owned by Nestlé. The company produces ,  , lollipops and many other types of .


In the times of the USSR, Svitoch was considered one of the best manufacturers, along with the ROT Front and Babaevsky  factories. After its acquisition by Nestlé in mid-90s, the company opted to produce more Western-style  with lower cocoa content and was forced to move into middle segment of the market, losing some of its appeal, but gaining greater turnovers. It is unclear how this will affect its future development, though, as dark, highly sophisticated  is becoming increasingly more popular with Ukrainians. This change in strategy provoked a labour dispute in late 1990s.


Svitoch tried to re-brand Strela  (Rus. Стрела - arrow) as Stozhary (Ukrainian: Стожари - Pleiades (star cluster)) but had little success.


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The company "KONTI" was set  in 1997 as a closed joint stock company under the name “Production Association “Kiev-Konti”. At that moment the enterprise comprised of one confectionery factory, that is Konstantinovskaia, with its traditional assortment of candies, cookies, caramels and comfits.


In 2000 the production was expanded on account of the acquisition of Gorlovskaia  factory, specializing in production of various kinds of cookies.


In 2001 the Company joined Donetsk confectionery factory which after its modernization has become the most advanced and innovative factory of the Company "Konti". Donetsk confectionery factory has preserved the dynamics of development through present, producing the major portion of the Gro’s range, including new-product development and introduction of new technologies.


In 2004 the Company came into the Russian market on account of the acquisition of Kursk confectionary factory. This year was heralded by the start of active modernization of production facilities and implementation of investment and innovation policies of the Gro. It was in 2004, when the Gro began its positioning as "Konti".


In early 2006, the Company changed its name to Closed Joint Stock Company "Production Association" Konti ".


In 2007 the Gro "Konti" placed in operation the production complex at the territory of Donetsk confectionery factory, which has become one of the largest and the most advanced complexes in terms of technical equipment in Eastern Europe, as well as began the building of the largest in confectionery industry automated logistics center in Makeyevka, which was successfully put in operation in 2008.


The next strategic step of the Gros "Konti" was the beginning of constructing in 2008 and commissioning in 2009 of Kursk logistics complex, the largest one in Central Black Earth region of the Russian Federation.


In 2009, the gro of factories Konti joined Filling confectionery factory, for which operation it was built and launched the packing area with administrative buildings at the territory of Makeevka.


In 2011 it has been launched the major industrial and administrative complex of the company in Kursk, which production capacity allows the Gro "Konti" to increase the production of confectionery products in Russia more than twofold.




In 2012 it was put into operation the administrative building in Kursk.


KONTI Gro Announces Executive Changes


Sep 9 15


On September 3, the servisory board of the KONTI gro dismissed Tetiana Kozodiorova as the acting director general and appointed Serhii Mishalov instead Earlier, Mishalov had occied the position of the sales director of the company.


Konti Gro Decides to Close Office in Latvia


Oct 7 14


Konti Gro decided to close its office in Latvia in view of the restructure of operation of standalone divisions of the enterprise. The office was engaged in the researching of the market and consultations.


One of the largest players of the market of Russia and Ukraine the confectionery Gro "KONTI" in 2010 has increased volume of sales of production by 27 % - to 4, 2 billion UAH. (On preliminary results).


The amount of production of Gro in 2010 has made 238 thousand tons that on 8, 4 % more than in 2009.


 The share of "KONTI" Company in total amount of confectionery production in Ukraine following the results of 2010 has increased from 14,7 % to 15,5 % (the data of Goskomstat of Ukraine). «КОНТИ» continues to strengthen the stands in a  and dessert segment (there was a new dessert “Bonjour Souffle”; the classical bar  AMOUR; the Dolci assortment is expanded. KONTI has entered the market of jelly sweets with a useful product "Zhivinka".

 Also in 2010 "KONTI" Gro was raised with 38 (in 2009) on 28 place in the world rating of the largest confectioners Global TOP-100 annually made by American journal  Industrial.


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