The History of The Colombina Company


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The taste is infinite 






Founder (s)

Hernando Caicedo 


Bandera de Colombia  Colombia 


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USD 738 million (2012) 




Cra. 1 No. 24-56 Cali, Bandera de Colombia  Colombia 


Colombina SA is a global company of foods located in the Valle del Cauca , Colombia .  He has over 84 years experience in manufacturing and marketing of food.  It currently offers a broad portfolio of products in different lines: confectionery, biscuits, cakes, sauces, preserves and ice cream.  Additionally it performs exclusive distribution of traditional brands in Colombia as Cafe Buendia and Van Camp's.  The company exports its products to over 45 countries in America, Asia and Europe.  It is one of the largest employers in the country with more than 6,500 employees and a total of approximately 8,000 people worldwide.


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History [  ]

Colombina SA was founded in 1927 by Hernando Caicedo , a visionary man of Valle del Cauca who takes advantage of the natural and agricultural wealth of the department, its warm temperatures, the quality and fertility of its soil, to produce all kinds of sweets and candies with flavors tropical fruit that managed to conquer generations of consumers.

In 1935 their candies became popular under the name Colombinas and began to displace sweet home market.  Soon it would benefit the business vision of who would become one of the most important companies in the continent.


1946 New Management

The second generation of the family Caicedo took command of the company and quickly pushes it towards a new era of leadership.  Jaime Hernando Caicedo, son of Don Hernando and recognized for its business momentum, assumed management in 1946.


Its clarity and thoughts aligned with a philosophy of industrial development and economic and social productivity, were the bases to capitalize and develop Colombina.  A brilliant initiative that gave new and successful strategies that led the company to evolve rapidly growing national and international market.


His entrepreneurial vision remains part of our Business Group.

1960 Incorporation of European Technical

By 1960 they had joined the European technical factory which started making jams filled with natural flavors and own fruits of the region, replacing the artificial flavors.  The new extension possible to increase production to 15,000 pounds per day.


Colombina 1965 exports to the United States

Colombina began its first exports in 1965, bringing the products to compete in the marketplace of the world's largest : United States.


This led her to become the first South American factory that came to compete with the European confectionery.

1970 Consolidation Colombina


In 1968 a new factory was built in the village of La Paila, in order to meet the growing international demand.  By 1970, Colombina equipped with equipment to produce candies, chocolates and fruit preserves, produced 25 million pounds annually.  That same year, the factory launched a product that would revolutionize the fresh market in Colombia and triple sales of the company in just one year.


The new named Bon Bon Buma product name given by the advertising company Ponce de Leon, made a big impact among consumers with its new strawberry-flavored gum and soft inside.  The chocolate quickly became the flagship product of Colombina and a favorite among consumers of all ages.  Today is market leader in the Andean, Caribbean, Central.

This time was certainly of great business boom and growth is crucial chapter of our Company.

1980 Income Category Colombina Cookies managed second place as a supplier of sweets to the United States, after England.  During the eighties the company expanded, prospered international contracts and partnerships with major companies such as Peter Paul, famous line of filled chocolates were achieved;  Meiji Seika, Japanese food company;  and General Foods, dedicated to the production and export of beverages.  In the late 80s he joined the biscuit category with the acquisition of Splendid.


2000 - 2006 Major Investment

Years later turned into Latin America's leading industrial complex, Colombina invested heavily made new alliances and opened new plants.

In 2000 a new factory of biscuits and cakes in the department of Cauca Cauca founded as Colombina opened.

In 2001 a serving bowl plant in Guatemala, which was established in partnership with Grupo Pantaleón Concepción became operational.  Through it, the manufacture and distribution of our line of sweets and biscuits drives, reaching throughout Central America and the Caribbean.


That same year he launched a new unit with the latest technology for the production of canned "La Constancia" in Bogota.

In 2004 Colombina acquired all of the company Inalac, Ice Cream LIS, with production plant in Medellin.

In 2006 the purchase of the Ice Robin Hood was performed.  This company has a production plant in Bogota, and is nationally recognized for its delicious ice cream.


2002 New Executive Presidency

Cesar A. Caicedo, making the Executive Presidency modernizing vision of the company, maintaining and boosting the growth of the company both in Colombia and in international markets with subsidiaries abroad, diversifying the product portfolio with new categories of income food, strengthening strategic alliances with international companies;  and leading a strong sustainability strategy Colombina has earned a great recognition.

Special Permanent Free Trade Zone Inauguration Colombina del Cauca


This project is the most ambitious and important that the company has made in recent years allows us to be more competitive in the biscuit market in Colombia and abroad.

2013 Strengthening Food Portfolio


In 2013, Colombina announced purchase agreement with CI COMEXA SA, a company dedicated to sauces and hot pepper raw materials;  to incorporate into its commercial structure in Colombia and internationally spicy Amazon brand products.  In the same year, together with LivSmart Colombina leading industry healthy beverage company in the Americas, they formalized a historic strategic alliance for the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of healthy drinks.  Thus, as Colombina player enters the market for health drinks, continuing and strengthening its portfolio of food in Colombian territory.

The company exports to over 45 countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Czech Republic, Qatar, Saint Vincent, Chile, Guatemala, Jamaica, Spain, England, Angola Macedonia United Arab Emirates Peru, among others . 




Marks [  ]

 Robin Hood


 Colombina Arequipe






 Bon Bon Bum

 Cofee Delight

 Choco Break







 Condensed milk Colombina


 Buon Giorno





 References [  ]


1.  Volver arriba ↑ "Globalization of Colombina" .  Colombina: The taste is infinite. 


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Colombina website .  Official site

Columbian local shops .

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US Hispanics Love Colombina Products

In 2013 first quarter, Colombina continued increasing and improving its distribution and penetration in the South Florida Region, specially Dade, Broward and Davie counties. Colombina expanded its portfolio in current stores and then started entering new stores as Winn Dixie and Publix. Now south floridans will be able to find our wide portfolio and enjoy our delicious and great products in Sedanos, Navarros, Presidente Supermarket, Winn Dixie and Publix.

NYC is living intensely with BON BON BOOM !!!

The #1 selling bubble gum pop in more than 15 countries has finally arrived to the US!!; Colombina’s #1 brand, was launched on January 2013. Bon Bon Boom is the leader in the bubble gum pop category in the Caribbean, Andean region, Central America and some countries in Africa. The brand is committed to innovate and develop the bubble gum pop category.

Be part of this experience and live it intensely in the Big Apple.

Bon Bon Boom is here to take over US!!

Colombina Innovating in the Lollipop Category

On March 2013, Candy Industry Magazine issue published an article about the lollipop category in the US, Colombina was recognized for its great work in the past 25 years with brands as Tiger Pops, and for introducing Bon Bon Boom bubble gum pops in the U.S. “Bon Bon Boom delivers an intense flavor experience with bold and mouthwatering flavors from berry explosion to a sour craving,” said Carlos Gil, Colombina USA General Manager.

“Our product’s motto is ‘Live Intensely,’ and every one of our pops has intense can’t just have one!”.

We are a Colombian-owned company with over 80 years of experience focused on the manufacturing and marketing of food in different lines (confectionery, biscuits and cakes, sauces and preserves, ice cream, sausages, juices and jams).  Make the exclusive distribution of brands Café Buendia, of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia and Van Camp's, Seatech International.  We export our products to over 50 countries and we have consolidated as one of the largest employers in the country with a total of approximately 9,000 people worldwide.


Our net sales in 2013 amounted to $ 741 million dollars, consolidating our position as one of the largest and most recognized companies in the sector that have earned various awards, among which are:



Admission to the Sustainability Yearbook 2014 as one of three food companies with the best sustainability practices in Latin America and among the 13 food companies with the best sustainability practices worldwide, according RobecoSAM Sustainability Investing.

We occupy the top positions in business studies and Merco Merco Leaders and Companies.

First position in several awards for their good environmental practices, awarded by Fenalco, British and Colombian Chamber Siembra Colombia Foundation.

In 2012, we were recognized as the sixth company in Colombia with the best reputation according to the study conducted by Reputation Institute and Goodwill Communications, and the AAA rating committee Fitch Ratings Colombia SA considered the best firm that guarantees the credit quality.

Our human talent is cornerstone and key link in the competitive advantages in the market, so we try to maintain a balance between the growth of the Company and our employees.

In order to generate our quality of life and well-being for our people, to the end of 2013, we signed a major labor agreements formalized between a private company and the Ministry of Labour in Colombia, pledging to join the Company 900 persons direct contract during 2014. This reaffirms that we are one of the companies in the region with the highest percentage of direct contracting.  Likewise, we signed with the Ministry of Labour and the Presidential Adviser on Equality for Women, a meeting of minds for the implementation of Employment Equity Seal, as a sign of our commitment to take actions aimed at reducing the gender gap It exists in Colombia.


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