The History of Bourbon Corp



Bourbon was founded in 1924 under the name Kitanihon Seika. Seeing that the Tokyo Earthquake of the last year had brought a complete halt to the supply of confectioneries to rural areas, Kichizo Yoshida, Kitanihon Seika's founder and its first president, decided to establish a factory outside Tokyo for the mass production of confectioneries.


Since those early days, Bourbon has offered high-value food and beverage products that meet the needs of the times and give genuine pleasure to consumers. Bourbon products include the well-known crepe cookie Lumonde, which first appeared on the market in 1974, and the mineral water products Dewasanzan Natural Water and Ion Water, which we started manufacturing on January 17, 1995, the day the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck the Kobe area.


As a food manufacturer, Bourbon will enforce our policy of “Quality Assurance Is Priority One,” for our goals of ensuring safety, security and stability of food and contributing to the health of consumers. We will, quickly respond to the globalization, aging population combined with the diminishing number of children and changing lifestyle. We are committed to the development of new products that create new needs and to the provision of sales activities and services by making marketing and planning proposals for creating new demand. We will also pursue the development of health-oriented foods for promoting health and preventing disease by proper eating, particularly the development of foods with health-promoting benefits that prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Thus, we will endeavor to help consumers promote their health.


With “Resonance” as our watchword, Bourbon will work with every one of our customers by sharing a common purpose.


Becoming a self-realized human being involves much more than being a good businessperson. We are not only individuals but are also part of organizations; not only corporate employees but also members of society; not only producers but also consumers. All of us contribute to society at different levels through our various roles. I sincerely hope that, in our role as corporate employees, we can respond flexibly to changes in the environments that surround us, both as individuals and as a group. We believe that “Learning, Working and Healing” are three main keywords that determine lifestyle of individual person and family. Being a member of society is to repeatedly construct his/her life, or the way how to live, by checking and carrying out original intention while balancing working and learning.


To this end, we must foster the creativity to conceive new ways of contributing, the desire to share these benefits with others, and the ability to create a system that can realize this aim. We must also make every effort to develop demand. Together with you, we look forward to creating a bright future for both Bourbon and society.


Yasushi Yoshida, President

Comprehensive Health Promotion Support Company


With “Bourbon Products Inspire Smiles” and “Great taste. Made with love. Always.” as our two catchphrases, Bourbon has offered a wide variety of sweets & snacks, beverages and foods. We are also committed to the development of health foods and functional food that prevent lifestyle-related diseases. By adding the concept of enjoyment to our basic principles, we support customers’ satisfying, healthy lifestyles that are imbued with an aesthetic sense and aim at becoming “Comprehensive Health Promotion Support Company,” that is capable of contributing to the consumers’ health management. In order to strengthen the cross-departmental co-operation, clarify the sharing of responsibility and authority and speed-up the operation, our business is managed in the organizational structure consisting of four headquarters, “Manufacturing Quality,” “Development & Exploration,” “Human Knowledge Financial Affairs” and “Planning & Research.”


Four Headquarters System

Four Headquarters System Organization

Company Name

Bourbon Corporation


November 20, 1924


1,036 million


Yasushi Yoshida


Approx 5,000 (Total for Bourbon Group including temporary and part-time staff.)



Cookies, wheat flour crackers, bean snacks, deserts, rice biscuits,

snacks, delicacies, chocolates, chewing gums, mineral water, coffee,

cocoa beverages, other soft drinks, powdered cocoa, rice and liquor (mail order only),

bread and instant ramen (vending machines only) 

Stock Listing

Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section 

Bank Information

The Daishi Bank, Ltd., The Hokuetsu Bank, Ltd., Mizuho Bank, Ltd.,

Development Bank of Japan, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation,

China Construction Bank


Head Office

1-3-1 Ekimae, Kashiwazaki, Niigata 945-8611 JAPAN Map

 Tel: +81-257-23-2333

 Fax: +81-257-22-2005



Sales Offices

Tokyo (Minato-ku), Hokkaido (Sapporo), Tohoku (Sendai), Shinetsu (Kashiwazaki),

 Northern Kanto (Utsunomiya), Central Kanto (Kawaguchi), Southern Kanto (Yokohama),

 Hokuriku (Kanazawa), Chubu (Kitanagoya), Kansai (kobe), Chugoku (Hiroshima),

 Shikoku (Takamatsu), Kyushu (Fukuoka)



Kashiwazaki Factory,Joetsu Factory, Nagaoka Factory,

 Niigata Factory, Niigata-Minami Factory,Gosen Factory, Shibata Factory,

 Murakami Factory, 


Group Companies

Kitanihon Haguro Shokuhin Co., Ltd. (Haguro Factory),

 Reman Inc. (Wako Factory, Karuizawa Factory),

 Bourbon (Shanghai) Foods Co., Ltd.

 Bourbon (Shanghai) Commerce Co., Ltd.

 BFEG Corporation.


 Bourbon Foods USA Corporation


Research Centers

Institute for Health Sciences

Food and Nutritional Sciences (within the Niigata Bio Research Center)

Advanced Health Science Research Room (for a histonomy course within the School of Medicine at Shinshu University)

Expansion Centers

Development and Product

Development Center



Kitanihon Seika, Bourbon's direct forerunner, originates as Mogamiya, a famous Japanese-style confectionery store in the city of Kashiwazaki in Niigata Prefecture. After seeing the Tokyo Earthquake of 1923 temporarily bring to a halt the supply of confectionery to regional areas, the founder of Kitanihon Seika, Kichizo Yoshida, decides to establish a factory in Niigata for the mass production of confectionery. Located in front of Kashiwazaki Station, the factory commences manufacture of cookies. Company capitalized at 100,000 yen.


Kichizo Yoshida,

founder and first president


Starts making drops using a Japanese machine.


Installs a second cookie machine. Imports another drop machine to increase production.

Capital increases to 200,000 yen.


Starts sales of chewing gums and cigarettes. Opens Tokyo store. 

Japanese National Railways agrees to Kitanihon Seika's request to transport confectionery in container cars from Kashiwazaki to Akihabara (Tokyo). First shipment transported.



Commences manufacture of rice crackers.



Starts supply of hardtack, powdered miso (soybean paste),

 and sweet foods to the Japanese army.



Establishes Kitanihon Shoji Corporation (later renamed Kitanihon Noji Corporationwhen it commences agriculture, livestock farming, and fishing).

Sets up Kashiwazaki Hikoki Corporation (disbanded after World War II).



Manufactures war supplies from 1942 until end of war. Permitted to convert back into civilian goods manufacturer in October 1945.

 Produces hardtack and flour for Japanese soldiers and other Japanese returning from overseas.



Commences manufacture of cookies for babies and small children.



Starts manufacture of miso, soy sauce, and caramel.



Company name changes to Kitanihon Shokuhin Kogyo Corporation.



Initiates manufacture of confetti and China marble.



Capital increases to 40 million yen. Stocks listed on Niigata Stock Exchange.


Junji Yoshida,

appointed second president in June 1954




First cookie band oven starts operation.



Commences sales of Hagoromo rice crackers.



Enters bean snacks market.



Establishes new factory in Arahama, suburb of Kashiwazaki

 (today's Head Office Factory).

Capital increases to 100 million yen.


Commences sales of White Rollita cookies.


Takaaki Yoshida,

appointed third president in July 1964





 Becomes first company in Japan to automate rice

 cracker production. Establishes mass production

 system for thin rice crackers.



Opens Tokyo Branch Office.



Headquarters move to the Arahama Factory.

Establishes branch offices in Osaka and Nagoya.



Sets up the Maki Factory. Opens branch offices in Kobe and Yokohama.



Starts to develop nationwide sales network.

 Annual sales: 8.6 billion yen.



Establishes Ogata Factory.

 Annual sales: 11.4 billion yen.



Capital increases to 250 million yen.

 Annual sales: 14.7 billion yen.



Commences sales of Lumonde cookies, which became one of company's bestselling products. Sets monthly sales record of 2 billion yen by mass-producing gourmet cookies that were previously sold as gift items. Annual sales: 20 billion yen.





Establishes Washima Factory. Cookies sold in 150-yen packs prove very popular.

 Capital increases to 500 million yen.

 Annual sales: 40.5 billion yen.





Expands sales network to 60 offices nationwide.

 Starts selling Potelka potato chips.

 Sets up the Yoshida Scholarship Foundation.

 Annual sales: 40.5 billion yen.



Expands sales network to 100 offices nationwide.

 Starts sales of Baum Roll cakes.

 Annual sales: 47 billion yen.



Commences sales of Pikkara crackers and Elise wafers.

 Annual sales: 50.8 billion yen.




Starts sales of Ajigonomi crackers.

Annual sales:56.5 billion yen.



Establishes Tsukigata Factory.

 Awarded Monde Selection Gold Medal for Pikkara crackers.

 Annual sales: 63.8 billion yen.




Enters chocolates market. Starts sales of Sylveine cakes.

Annual sales: 68.4 billion yen.



Enters market. Commences sales of Cheese Okaki crackers.

Annual sales: 77.5 billion yen.




 On June 1,

 company changes name to

 Bourbon Corporation after

 its well-known brand name.

 Establishes Murakami Factory.

 Commences sales of Hi-Chocolat

 confectionery series.(From December 1989,

 business year changed to Japanese fiscal year [April through March].)

 Annual sales: 80.5 billion yen.Establishes Ogata Factory.

 Annual sales: 11.4 billion yen.



Annual sales: 95.1 billion yen.



Establishes Haguro Factory. Capital increases to 1.03 billion yen.

 Enters chewing gum market. Annual sales: 95.2 billion yen.



Commences mass production of wheat flour crackers.

 Annual sales: 106.2 billion yen.




In response to decline in drinking-water quality, commences sales of mineral water and alkaline ionized water, realizing company's long-cherished desire to find second way to contribute to society. Because first day of production coincided with Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, company sends products to Kobe area as emergency relief supplies.

 Enters chilled desserts market.

 Annual sales: 100.4 billion yen.



Yasushi Yoshida becomes president of Bourbon Corporation on August 1.

 Commences sales of powdered cocoa and

 Petit snack series.

 Annual sales: 91.2 billion yen.



Commences sales of Sarara tea and

 Icemint chewing gum.

 Annual sales: 85.4 billion yen.




Establishes the Toyoura Factory.

 Commences sales of Communicase chewing gum. Reman Seika Co., Ltd.

 joins Bourbon Group. Receives ISO 9002 certification for beverage automation line. Annual sales: 85.6 billion yen.


Petit Potato series marketed. Chlorine-free packaging introduced for all products to eliminate dioxins. Starts to introduce staff uniforms made from recycled PET bottles. Annual sales: 91.2 billion yen.



Shares listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.

 Receives ISO 14001 certification for head office,

 Head Office Factory, and Ekimae Factory.

 Annual sales: 93 billion yen.



Commences sales of Kita no Tamago

 Sable butter cookies and Chotos rusks,

 Chuel cookies and Squid Cracker Bits. Creates and

 improves quality control system.

 Annual sales: 86.4 billion yen.



Commences sales of Paribre.

 Annual sales: 82.9 billion yen.



Commences sales of GI Dr. series.

 Annual sales: 81.9 billion yen.



Annual sales of 84.1 billion yen.

 Currently expanding ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and ISO 2000 certification.

 Establishment of Conduct Code and Basic Policy. Foundation of help-line.

 Published Environment Report.

 Establishment of Gosen Factory.





Annual sales of 86.2 billion yen.

 Establishment of Product Development Center.

 ISO 14001 certification received by Ogata Factory.




Annual sales of 91.7 billion yen.

 Factory construction site secured in Changxing, Zhejiang Province, China.

 Approval of Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

 system at Haguro Factory by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

 ISO 22000 certification received by Toyoura Factory.

 Received PrivacyMark accreditation.




Annual sales: 93.5 billion yen.

 Receives Food for Specified Health Uses for 2 items of Milk Cocoa Seni Shukan

 Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony of BOURBON (CHANGXING) FOODS CO.,LTD

 Commences Boysenberry series.

 Establishes BOURBON(SHANGHAI)COMMERCE CO.,LTD in Shanghai, China.

 Contributes to Niigata Chuuetsuoki Earthquake.




Annual sales: 96.5 billion yen.

 Opens high-quality chocolaterie of Paris tradition,

“a la Reine Astrid”as the first shop in Japan.

 Production of 6 items of Petit Series starts at Bourbon (Changxing) Foods Co., Ltd.

 Release of Blanchul Mini Chocolate

 Acquisition of the right to name the indoor tennis fields in Miki General Disaster Prevention Park in Hyogo Prefecture as “Bourbon Beans Dome.”




Annual sales: 101.3 billion yen.

 Launched "Suteki Style"

 Merged consolidated subsidiary 9 companies in Niigata.(from October 1)





Annual sales:102.1billion yen.

 Launched "Slow Bar"

 ECHIGO BEER Co.,Ltd joins Bourbon Group

 Bourbon's Almondrush, a chocolate bar,

 receives an excellent hit award in the 29th Food Grand Prix Contest sponsored by

 Japan Food Journal Co., Ltd.

 Launched "Fettuccine Gummi"




Annual sales: 102.4 billion yen

 Contributes to the Great East Japan Earthquake.

 Opened an office in Washington D.C.

established Bourbon Foods USA Corporation



Eight Disciplines for Development


1. Serve society through our work. 2. View work as an opportunity for parsonal development. 3. Cooperate without maiking unneccessary compromises. 4. Integrate your knowledge and experience. 5. Value substance over form. 6. Demonstrate originality. 7. Be proactive and pioneering. 8. Keep your word.


Conduct Code and Basic Policy

Customers come first

A“Customer First” philosophy that emphasizes quality assurance


Bourbon will provide safe and healthy products and services that meet customer demands and leave them satisfied.

I.We will provide safe food products and services.

II.We will make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort.


Contributing to society


Bourbon will act morally in promoting activities that contribute to society in compliance with society's expectations in order to fulfill its role and responsibility as a member of society.

III.We will proactively and voluntarily address environment issues.

IV.We will proactively contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.


Adapting to the rules of the international community


Bourbon will conduct corporate activities in a transparent and honest manner from a global perspective and work to make its systems and commercial practices accepted internationally.

V.We will conduct corporate activities in compliance with social ethics while observing laws and ordinances.

VI.We will act as a member of the international community and make efforts for the development of relevant regions.


Human respect


Employees shall be given individual respect, and acknowledgement must be paid to their dignity and value as people in carrying out business operations.

VII.We will work to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.


Basic Principles

We will provide safe food products and services.


We will provide consumers with safe and high-quality foods and services. Therefore, in addition to compliance with the Food Sanitation Law, Japanese Agricultural Standard Law, and other related laws and ordinances, Bourbon maintains a management system (ISO9001, ISO22000) that ensures the safety and quality of the foods and services provided by the company.

New products are developed with first priority given to ensuring safety. Every imaginable condition is assumed and checked for during scientific confirmations on developed products.


We will make every effort to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort.


Our ears all always open to the opinions of our consumers, and we provide accurate product information using precise and easy-to-understand language, especially for our consumers including information displayed on product labels.

 Bourbon works to communicate on a broad basis with society including with its corporate stakeholders, such as shareholders. We put forth effort to disclose corporate information in an impartial and proactive manner, provide accurate information promptly especially in the event of an accident or emergency, and to ensure the safety of all related individuals.


We will proactively and voluntarily address environment issues.


Bourbon acknowledges that addressing environmental issues is a necessary condition to its corporate existence and activities. We will make aggressive efforts to save resources, conserve energy, and reduce emissions such as those from industrial waste by developing and providing easily recyclable products with a minimal environmental impact, while also paying consideration to preserving the natural environment.


We will proactively contribute to society as a good corporate citizen.


Bourbon will make contributing efforts to society such as participating in community social activities, disaster relief activities, and volunteer activities while also paying respect to the culture and customs of the area in which the company is situated and contributing to the community's development.


We shall conduct corporate activities in compliance with social ethics while observing laws and ordinances.


Bourbon shall observe domestic and international laws and ordinances as well as company regulations, will not engage in antisocial principles, clarify a line between public and private matters, and maintain a transparent relationship with the government.

 We shall abide by the Antitrust Law, reject unfair trade practices in conducting corporate activities from raw material procurement to product distribution, conduct business activities based on fair, transparent, and free competition, and will not pursue benefit gained through any improper means.


We will act as a member of the international community and make efforts for the development of relevant regions.


Bourbon shall promote corporate activities while paying respect to the culture and customs of relevant communities and observing the laws and ordinances of Japan and pertinent countries based on international agreements. Moreover, we will work for the economic and social development of said communities.


We will work to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.


Bourbon will respect human rights and treat employees fairly while ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment. In addition, we will construct an energetic corporation that delivers comfort and affluence to its employees, while also respecting employee individuality and autonomy.


Consultation Service (help-line)


1.Purpose/2.Consultantion Method/3.Response


When areas for improvement or other issues are discovered, this service will allow for these points and issues to be brought up easily within the company and discussed. In addition, this service aims to prevent informants and consulters from being impacted with disadvantages such as being discharged or moved.


Consultation can be provided via telephone, fax, mail, or interview. (anonymous consultation is permitted)


A response will be made in some form.

 This will be handled so that the informant of an issue is not negatively affected.

 Issues will be treated seriously and facts will be confirmed in a meticulous manner.

The Establishment of Quality Assurance System for Ensuring Safety, Security and Stability of Food and Contributing to Consumers' Health


Bourbon is committed to the manufacture of products based on its Code of Conduct and with “Quality Assurance Is Priority One” as a motto, for providing safe food products and ensuring satisfaction and comfort for customers.


As evidenced by the Quality Management System ISO9001 and Food Safety Management ISO22000 certifications, which are now under the process of acquisition, and the approval of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) in the manufacturing of soft drinks, we are striving with day-to-day quality assurance activities through “audit,” “analysis” and “responsiveness to customers,” to establish traceability, scientific evidence and quality control, based on the quality assurance system of international standards that is applicable to the global society.


In addition, along with the development of environment improving activities by acquiring the Environment Management System ISO 14001 certification, Bourbon will endeavor to implement corporate activities and manufacture the products that contribute to the health of consumers and society.


Quality Assurance System

Quality Assurance Policy


1.To observe laws and regulations and familiarize employees with the corporate ethics, the Code of Conduct and the guidelines of action. 2.To offer products that may contribute to the health of customers and support healthy lifestyle that is imbued with an aesthetic sense. 3.Committed to “Quality Assurance Is Priority One” with Safety, Security and Stability in Mind. 4.Our mission is to act for improving company’s viability and credibility. 5.To make continuous improvements of the effectiveness of the food safety and quality management system via external and internal communications.



Environmental Policy


1.As a food manufacturing company, Bourbon is fully committed to the improvement of environment, to the maximum extent possible, through voluntary efforts to address various problems which may affect global environment in every stages of our business including sourcing of ingredients and raw materials, development, manufacturing, sales, distribution, consumption and disposal. 2.We will be committed to the continuous efforts to improve environment and prevent pollution. 3.We will observe environment-related laws, regulations and agreements. We will continue to improve our environment policy by reviewing environment issues as well as establishing voluntary environmental management standards. 4. We will establish the goal and objective of our environment policy, reduce the issues that may affect environment, launch an environment management system and review the goal and objective of our environment policy. 5.We will clarify responsibility for, and keep all employees informed about, the implementation, maintenance and operation of the environment management system. 6.We will announce information on our environment policy at an appropriate time and disclose requested information from external.


For Ensuring Safety


Bourbon implements thoroughgoing safety checks of the whole production cycle from the product design, the manufacturing processes and the facilities and environment of factories to the procurement of raw materials as well as the auditing for ensuring safety until our products reach every customer. And for establishing traceability, effort is made to build a system for ensuring recordings of every process and relation building


Moreover, We also have been wrestling with reducing a risk in the health side positively by reducing the content of trans fatty acids (0.5g or less/serving (40g)) in all products and suppressing the formation of acrylamide in products containing potato.


Auditing activitiesTraceabilityHealth risk reduction


Top Priority on Customers' Voice


Bourbon Customer Center receives customers’ comments and opinions and satisfies increasingly diversifying customers’ requests. With an aim to establish a more satisfactory system, we made self-declaration, in March 2008, of ISO10002 Complaints Management System, with which we are committed in further improvement of CS activities.


Raw Material, Product Analysis and Inspection System


Analysis Laboratory conducts quicker and more accurate tests and inspects genetically-modified food products, mycotoxin, allergic substance, microorganism, residual pesticide, etc. under a voluntary inspection system based on scientific analysis and using fully-equipped test equipment.


In order to deal with increasingly globalized and complicated food safety issues in recent years, we are striving to further improve the level of analysis.





Supported by a Beautiful Natural Environment


Our manufacturing bases in Japan consist of 9 factories in the locations such as Kashiwazaki, Joetsu, Nagaoka, Niigata, Niigata-Minami, Gosen, Shibata and Murakami in Niigata Prefecture and Haguro in Yamagata Prefecture. All of these factories manufacture high quality products at low cost in using the facilities, many of which are self-developed in a favorable environment best suited to the production of confectionaries and beverages with clear air and pure water.



 Company Profile



Company Profile

President's Message


Company Outline


Company History


The Code of Conduct and Basic Policy


Manufacturing Quality Headquarters


Development & Exploration Headquarters


Development of overseas business


Planning & Research Headquarters


Human Knowledge Financial Affairs


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Developing Wholesome Products


The confectionary and beverage markets face rapid and dramatic fluctuations in consumer needs. We believe, however, that a consistent attitude in the planning and development is crucial for providing products capable of satisfying customers’ needs.


Under the catchphrases “Unique product development capable of producing enthusiasm in the market,” “200 initiatives for achieving one result,” “Challenger spirit without being afraid of failure,” various activities are conducted by using product no. of rotation and penetration rate as an index. In order to respond to changes in consumer needs and distribution/selling styles, various development groups have been set up to create new products. The development of original production technology and development of unique production machines capable of creating new products by the technology. And the planning and design development which link thus created Bourbon’s unique products with commercial products. We actively promote these activities to ensure such efforts result in customer satisfaction.



Product Development Process

Responding to Customer Reqests


Confectionaries have a power to make people happy. Because they make people smile. In order to make more people smile and feel happy, our sales stuff makes utmost, under Bourbon Marketing, to encourage our customers to select more and more of our products.


With about 60 sales offices throughout Japan and based on the business meetings with retailers and wholesalers to identify customers’ needs and request and changes in the market, we recommend how to create more attractive displays and setting in store. Our sales stuff remain committed to making visits to stores to be able to provide more customers with smile and happiness.


Creation of product displays


Bourbon’s salespeople endeavor to create sales floors from consumers' point of view by directly visiting stores and proposing display settings.

Consumer Campaign

We will provide customers with enjoyment by the participatory campaign such as Waku-Waku Theater and confectionery learning class and contribute to the nurture of rich mind by means of intellectual and dietary education.



Direct Marketing Directly from Bourbon to Customers

Vending Machine

Bourbon’s automatic vending machines, which are located at public facilities such as stations, airports and government and other public offices, universities, offices and various sport facilities, offer a wide assortment of all categories of our products ranging from beverages, sweets, foods and general merchandise.For the sale of the Disney character article, we develop the automatiic vending machines that are wholly wrapped by Disney characters.


Mail-order marketing

Bourbon conducts mail-order business focusing on safety, security,stability and health. We deliver, not only our own products, but also sake and rice, including Uonuma Koshihikari rice, in a convenient door-to-door delivery style.


Sales for commercial use

We will provide the catering industry and the commercial-use channel with high-quality and carefully selected raw materials.

 We also contribute to the society through the development of new materials and offering of new menus.


Directly from Bourbon to Customers

We provide our products and services sincerely by building distribution networks for the customers all over Japan, and make everyday efforts to improve the quality of the distribution system in order to provide fresh, tasty and safe products that customers can enjoy comfortably.


For the purpose to increase the quality and services in sales and distribution, Bourbon holds “Distribution Quality Management Seminar” for our logistics partners throughout the country to improve their skills in the product distribution. We also visit distribution, delivery and shipping bases across the country on a regular basis and check whether our management standards are observed on site.


Also, Bourbon is aggressively committed to the improvement of distribution efficiency and energy saving by promoting an environment-friendly modal shift and employing a cooperative delivery system.


For the Customers in China and the World


Bourbon (Changxing) Foods Co., Ltd. was founded in January 2007 in Changxing, Huzhou, Zhejiang Sheng Province, and Bourbon (Shanghai) Commerce Co., Ltd. in June of the same year in Shanghai City. On September 8, 2008, Bourbon (Changxing) Foods Co., Ltd. started the production for the Chinese market. Bourbon (Shanghai) Commerce Co., Ltd. began sales of Bourbon products in Beijing, Guangdong Province and Sichuan Province on 22 September and in Shanghai City, Zhejiang and Chiangsu Provinces on October 14 of the same year. The sales area has been further expanded to include Wuhan in Hebei Province, Tsingtao in Shandong Province, Tianjin City and Dalian in Liaoning Province. The number of sales offices, first of which is in Shanghai, is being increased gradually with the distribution of products to convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets all over China.


China, where high economic growth continues, is anticipated to grow into a major market with significant demand as a result of rapid transformation in lifestyle and diet. We will use the Chinese market as a toehold for further strengthening our global competitiveness and promoting globalization of our business.


Sales office in China


Bourbon (Shanghai) Commerce Co., Ltd. will expand the number of offices for providing customers in China with Bourbon products from its sales office installed in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuxi and Nanjing in Chiangsu Province, Hangzhou, NIngbo in Zhejiang Province, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Guangdong Province.

Production hubs in China


Bourbon (Changxing) Foods Co., Ltd. will produce and offer safe products that customers can enjoy comfortably in the rapidly growing Chinese market.


Planning & Research Headquarters


Institute for Health Sciences Food and Nutritional Science engages jointly with research institutions of university in basic researches such as evaluation of new material's functionality based on the promotion of health and prevention of disease by proper eating and elucidation of mechanism, applied research supporting effectiveness for health of eating, and the cutting-edge medical research on disease prevention. Through these activities, Bourbon will promote activities to diffuse aristology to learn wisdom of diet for promoting people's health.


Research Section


By establishing a broad network of academic-industrial alliance, we are committed as an intermediary, to the enlightenment activities through the invention of materials for nutraceuticals and the evaluation of effectiveness of health-oriented food.

Laboratory for Advanced Health Sciences


We study the analysis of food functions at a molecular level using living cells and the investigation of digestive system cell induction for the purpose of establishing a system for evaluating food function and safety.

New Food Research Section


Together with the efforts for achieving a shift to nutraceutical materials based on the evaluation of functionality and safety of unknown animal and plant material, we are developing technology that may help successful management of the expected food situation in the future.





Nutraceuticals Science Laboratory


A study focusing on the usefulness of carbohydrate metabolism in the maintenance of health is conducted in animal and human volunteer experiments.

New Approach to Advertising Activities

Contribution Not Only to Mental and Physical Health But Also Disaster Management

Bourbon Beans Dome


Bourbon has applied for and successfully obtained the right to name the indoor tennis fields in Miki General Disaster Prevention Park in Hyogo Prefecture as “Bourbon Beans Dome.” We will take various measures to ensure that Bourbon Beans Dome is loved by many customers, as a symbol of our activity, “Contribution to the construction of health society and the earthquake and disaster relief activities as Comprehensive Health Promotion Support Company engaged in supporting the mental and physical health promotion.”



Integrated Training Center

Integrated Training Center has been established in Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture with an aim to conduct employee training and for the use by those other than Bourbon. It has been designed as a facility to hold various seminars, exhibitions, and events for contributing to the close communications, education and cultural activities in the local community.


Company Profile


Company Profile

President's Message

Company Outline

Company History

The Code of Conduct and Basic Policy



Manufacturing Quality Headquarters


Development & Exploration Headquarters

Development of overseas business


Planning & Research Headquarters

Human Knowledge Financial Affairs


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Human Knowledge Financial Affairs

Belief in Organization's Spirit and Development of Human Resources

Basic principle of compliance


1. Observation of laws, rules and regulations and company rules and regulations 2. Provision of products and services useful for society 3. Conduct of sound corporate activities and elimination of anti-social behavior 4. Fair business activities 5. Code of conduct and action guidelines to be followed by executives and employees 6. Protection of personal information and company’s confidential information 7. Respect for employees’ personality and individuality 8. Disclosure of information to stakeholders 9. Preservation of global environment

Value-added business management theory

Mind to enhance viability of group :Mind to nurture open-mindedness, warmth, strictness and strength with a long-term vision.


1. To grow as a human being  2. To conduct value-added creative activities


1.Activity to increase the amount of sales (penetration rate × no. of rotation)  2.Activity to increase the value-added ratio 3.Activity to raise efficiency of investment on the expenses and to reduce the expenses. 4.Decision of greatest effect zone number of people. 5.Activity to identify and adjust added-value allocation

Education & training

To create a group which helps ordinary people achieve extraordinary results.

With “life-long education useful for the whole life” in mind, Bourbon’s human resources development program is based on the concept how they should be as a human being and a member of society and company. In order to combine individual abilities acquired by the lifelong education, Bourbon aims to create a strong group capable of exercising ability, which exceeds the sum of all employees under “Merit-Based Principle,” “Opinion Evaluation Principle,” “Character Principle,” “Opportunity Provision Principle,” “High Goal Principle,” “Performance Challenge Principle” and “Self-Development Principle.”