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Candy Baskets Inc. was founded in January 2003 with the goal of becoming the leading retail website and gourmet candy store for unique candy arrangements and gourmet gifts. We are a family owned and operated business founded in Wayne Pennsylvania, right on the prestigious Main Line of Philadelphia. We have added new products and gourmet chocolates such as Godiva, Mark Avenue Chocolates (Gertrude Hawke), new Ghirardelli boxed chocolates, Koppers chocolates, Lindt truffles, Jelly Belly, Fudgie Wudgie fudge, Buddy Squirrel Nuts and more! Gourmet arrangements also include gourmet coffees, teas, roasted garlic toasts, Bruschetta snacks, pretzels and gourmet mustards. All bows and ribbons are hand made and each purchase includes a free personal message card.


Happy Customers!


Hello  - -

This is a bit unusual for me to send an email, as I am usually not "that"
kind of person, but I wanted to thank you for processing my on-line order so
quickly and efficiently.  It was my first time ordering, and I found you via
a Google search.

I sent the blast from the past to my fiancée's office in the
Washington, DC suburbs.  I ordered it yesterday and it arrived this morning
(!!), and they have all been calling me all day to say how wonderful it is.
I scored some major points with the co-workers.

I want to say how much I appreciated both the website description, but more
importantly, how you did not overcharge on shipping.  My biggest hang-up
about ordering on-line is how much higher shipping is than it normally
should be and how many companies seem to make unreasonable money off of the
shipping.  It seems as though you charge actual cost to ship the weight,
instead of based on the price level of the item as so many others do.   That
means a lot to me.

Because of that, I will order again.  You have gained a loyal customer.

When I went again to your website I saw that you are in Wayne, PA, which
made me even happier.  Although I now live in the Washington, DC area, I
grew up and went to grade school in Bryn Mawr and high school at St. Joe's

Many thanks.


It was delivered!!!  And had the desired effect.  GREAT product, GREAT

Thanks. Jennifer.

A note to thank you for the great service and the wonderful products. I
ordered this for my daughter and her family. They are big
Indianapolis colts fans and when the colts lost the Superbowl I wanted
something to help with there loss. I live in Florida and when she received
it I had her send me pic. It looked excellent and thank you for the
blue and white ribbons I had requested. She could not keep her husband and
kids out of it. She said she had to put it away in her room before they ate
it all in one day. She said she loved it and it had great candy in it. Again
thank you for your service.


Just wanted to let you know that I received your "Blast from the Past" an hour ago, and I am soooo thrilled with it that I popped online to
let you know. I had surgery this past Thursday, so my sister had to open it
for me (GREAT packaging job) and we hooted and howled with laughter at each
item when we saw it. I have to let you know that 7 months ago I was
diagnosed with breast cancer and just completed 6 months of chemo, followed
up by surgery this past Thursday. There hasn't been a lot of laughter and
smiles in the past 7 months, but your product made me laugh out loud, and
believe me, it hurts to laugh! :-)  My mom and sister sent it to me to
cheer me up, and it did exactly that! You sent candies that I haven't seen
in over 30 years. (LOVE the Skybar!) Thanks so much for putting a smile back
on my face.

My youngest daughter is still in college, and I know that she would love to
receive one of these during the upcoming school year. I have
bookmarked your site and will be a future customer.

Have a great day, and thanks again!


My son just received one of your products for his fifth birthday, and all I can
say is WOW!!!  You did a great job with the esthetics of the wrapping, it
looked almost too good to unwrap.  Also, the thermal packaging and ice packs
really prove that you take pride in your product and whom it will be
delivered to!!!  Thanks for making a great product for my son to have
received for his birthday. 
Best Wishes,
Whiteland, IN

Just want to tell you the candy gram was received and the young man
absolutely loved it.

He's home with swine flu and pneumonia, first he's smiled in two weeks.
Thanks for making a young man smile!



I just wanted to let you know that my husband received the custom item and
was completely impressed. He loves the Navy theme and can't wait to dive
into the candy! The great thing is that whoever wrote the card to him with
my message seems to have similar handwriting. He thought I wrote the card.
But I did confess and reported that the package came from you all in PA.
Thanks again for beings so accommodating.





Oh thank you so much! I have ordered from your company before and have been MORE than satisfied! Thank you for adding that card and for the wonderful service and great products! I will definately order more in the future!!!


I want to thank you SO MUCH for a great gift order I made with you in June. My order # is 15976 (to Peter in Danbury,CT). That day was extremely hot and I was so worried that no one would be home and I knew the candy would completely melt! But you sent it in some kind of cooler package and it was perfect!! My nephew was ecstatic with the football and candy. I want to thank you again. I will be using you in the future and will highly recommend your services to all. I hope you enjoy your summer!



To Whom It May Concern:

I usually will not make purchases online without seeing a product first, so I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful product. I ordered the Hershey’s Chocolate Lovers Deluxe for my boyfriend of more than 2 years. He is constantly sending me flowers to work and home. I have never sent him anything to work before. This week is Parole/Probation Officer week in Michigan. He works for the State of Michigan Department of Corrections. I wanted to do something truly special to brighten his day and put a smile on his face for working so hard. So what better way to put a smile on a man’s face than to feed his stomach……..YOUR product did just that! He was so excited and surprised at how beautiful and wonderful it was. Due to the heat in Michigan (90’s ) and with the heat index into the 100’s on July 21, 2011, I was very skeptical it would make it there not melted. The ice packs and cooler bag worked perfect! NONE of the candy was melted! I will definitely recommend and use your company in the future. You are a 1st class business!!!!!!!!

Thank you again !



My husband rec'd the order I placed with you last week and I just wanted to send an email to say THANK YOU for a wonderful football item!! You totally exceeded my expectations and went out of the way to meet my special request! The order was delivered promptly and in perfect condition. And although the item was a gift to my husband, I've indulged in several items as well ;-)

It was just wonderful! Thanks for putting smiles on both our faces!!



To all of you that make it happen!


I was so excited to find a ‘different’ type of gift for my husband. I have to share with you that today he received his Happy Face filled with all his favorite candy and was so surprised and happy.

Thank You so much! Thanks for delivering it on a specific day that means a lot to him and myself and mostly for letting me substitute specific candy to make it more personal.


I will use your services again and will refer you to all my family and friends.


I hope you all have a great day!

Thanks Again


Jeff and Katie




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