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Chocolate ICAM SpA


Italy  Italy 


Limited company 


1942 in Morbegno 


Via Pescatori, 53 - Lecco 




ICAM Chocolate is a ' Italian company producer of chocolate .


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History [ change | change wikitext ]


Icam took his first steps in the mid-forties to Morbegno in Valtellina ( Sondrio province ) where a young entrepreneur named Silvio Agostoni notes with the help of his wife Carolina Vanini and later the brothers in law Giancarlo and Urban Vanini, a small workshop for the production of candies and sweets.  In 1946 the founder decided to transfer the business to Lecco orienting the small company to the processing of cocoa beans for the production of semi-finished cocoa (cocoa paste - powder and cocoa butter) and pure chocolate.  The idea is to bring in all families a good then considered a luxury, producing quality chocolate at a reasonable price.  To achieve this, ICAM runs from the beginning of the difficult road productive autonomy, buying at source the raw material, working with machine manufacturers to develop innovative production facilities and squeezing of cocoa paste (to get powder and cocoa butter) and organizing the distribution network to deliver their products directly to retailers.  The insights of the founder - died prematurely in 1961 - it became successful.  The company, still owned by the Vanini-Agostoni family has remained true to the principles and values ​​of its founder and is now recognized internationally as one of the leading companies operating in the chocolate world.


Philosophy and activities [ change | change wikitext ]


From the very beginning, to meet the quality expectations and the changing tastes of consumers, ICAM has based its activity on the desire to experiment and the ability to make courageous choices and counter.  For this ICAM is now one of the few companies in the world to guarantee the control of the entire production chain: a demanding industrial approach, which allows to reach and maintain the highest quality standards at every stage of production.  The path to quality ICAM started long time ago and continues in modern plants in Lecco, where you play the complex processing steps, each of which requires cutting-edge technologies and a highly specialized know-how.  With an entrepreneurial mindset open to new things and oriented to total quality, ICAM has the experience in the field of chocolate gained in over 60 years of activity, to respond adequately and anticipatory of the latest consumer needs.  In addition to the production of semi-finished products and conventional chocolate in fact, in the last decade Icam has established itself as one of the most important producers in the world of Organic Chocolate and Trans-Fair for the production of fair trade chocolate.


Certifications [ change | change wikitext ]

The philosophy of excellence ICAM is evident in the concrete and transparent will attest the quality objectives achieved, since the certification of the Quality System, according to the strict ISO 9001 European standards. A further confirmation of an approach to total quality and sensitive to the latest consumer trends, ICAM has obtained the Product Certification ', the GMO Certification Free, the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and the' IFS (International Food Standard), also certified for the production of chocolate Organic ', Bio Swiss (Swiss market) and the National Organic Program (US market)


The new factory Orsenigo (CO) [ change | change wikitext ]


Art facility that rises to Orsenigo for whose realization ICAM phases was inspired by two nodal elements that define the production in terms of quality and food safety: the functionality and traceability.  The primary need was to design a completely automated system and, secondly, to match this need with a complete traceability of each process, from raw materials through to the product ready for consumption.  Hence the request to implement a complete system of supervision and management of the entire production cycle and infrastructure for the 360-degree control of the integrated process.  ICAM has done the complete supervision of the production chain and technological independence, the distinctive elements of a production meet the highest quality standards, careful to value the uniqueness and authenticity of origin cocoa.  Thanks to the direct experience and presence in the cultivation sites, the company is able to offer solid guarantees on every aspect that concerns the supply chain: the origin of the raw material, the genotypes of the individual cocoa, the peculiarities related to the position of plantations geographical, climate, the morphological characteristics of the soil and sun exposure, procedures for processing and storage that they undergo the beans, until the full recognition and product traceability in complex processing steps and transformation of Orsenigo.  It is thus possible to delineate a map for each product documented the entire cultivation and processing.


It is a functional system able to manage all phases - from production request until the supply of raw materials, through the study of the recipe, the programming and production planning - thus ensuring total traceability of products and materials first.


The modern plant systems used, the compliance with strict standards for safety and food hygiene, attention to processing of intact beans, cleaning systems to remove any foreign matter and the frequent production testing, are determining factors in defining the final quality of the cocoa and chocolate which, in this way, will retain the flavor characteristics and the origin.


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The “Torta Montanina”

In an apocalyptic scenario, with sugar factories destroyed by bombing raids and sugar prices driven up to exorbitant levels by the war, Silvio Agostoni took over a workshop in Morbegno for the production of sweets and confectionery.

Using the few simple ingredients he managed to round up – sugar, chestnut flour and a little cocoa powder – he created the “Torta Montanina”, which proved an instant success.



The extraction of the sugar

The company’s founder, Silvio Agostoni, together with his brothers-in-law Giancarlo and Urbano Vanini, managed, with the few resources at their disposal, to successfully put together a little plant for extracting sugar from dried beet.

The money they made from this operation allowed them to purchase the first sacks of cocoa grains and the first machines for processing them.

With the sugar extracted from the beet and the cocoa powder, they began producing and selling “Dolcao” cream.

Chocolate: a product for everyone

ICAM then moved to Lecco and began producing chocolate in its small factory there.

The idea was to make what had hitherto been considered a luxury accessible to all families, by producing quality chocolate at an affordable price. To achieve this, ICAM immediately chose to go down the challenging road of self-sufficiency, by purchasing the raw material required for production directly at the source. In addition, the company worked alongside machinery manufacturers to develop the chocolate production plants, as well as organising a sales network to supply its products directly to retailers.



The collaboration with Vitali

A decisive role was played by the collaboration with the Lecco businessman Vitali, which led to the devising, testing and installation of an innovative press to extract the cocoa butter from the beans. ICAM thus succeeded in creating its own plant for the production of chocolate, allowing it to make tablets and individual chocolates.The combination of the Carle&Montanari presses and ICAM cocoa was so successful it was featured on a stamp from the Ivory Coast, the world’s largest producer of cocoa.



The new plant

The Via Pescatori establishment in Lecco was built, with new machinery designed to boost production. Following the unexpected, premature death of Silvio Agostoni in 1961, his winning ideas were carried forth by his wife Carolina Vanini, with the assistance of her brothers Giancarlo and Urbano.



Industrial dimensons

The production facilities had to be expanded to cope with the increasing demand for ICAM products, and in 1967, work began on doubling the size of the factory.



Control over the whole production chain

A new phase began with the entry into the company of Angelo Agostoni, first-born son of the founder. At the start of the 1970s, Agostoni embarked upon several journeys in Africa and Latin America, visiting the cocoa growing areas to learn about the farming techniques used. It was the experience acquired during these trips that allowed ICAM to create the conditions for purchasing the cocoa directly from the producers, with a distinct preference for cooperatives of local farmers.


Over the years an authentic partnership has been developed with cocoa producers, with a view to boosting productivity on the plantations and improving the procedures for preparing the cocoa, i.e. the fermentation and drying, of decisive importance for the quality of the end product.


New warehouse

Purchase of the Oggiono production facility, a new area in which the company built a large 5,000-square-metre warehouse able to respond to the new logistics requirements.

The production of eggs and a number of confectionery service products was transferred to the Oggiono facility.



New technologies


Installation of new stainless steel tanks and a modular pipe system able to prevent any risk of cross-contamination between the different production lines.



New “Barth” roaster

Purchase and installation of a new “Barth” roaster, able to roast the beans at a constant pressure, allowing for an even evaporation of the humidity from the inside and outside of the beans.



Launch on the market of “BLUE ROSE”

Launch on the market of the fantastic “BLUE ROSE”, a deliciously exquisite, exclusive hazelnut praline able to win the hearts of thousands of consumers.



Purchase of the “Bindler”

Purchase of the “Bindler”, a machine for producing large volumes of chocolate, allowing the company to meet the growing requests from customers, as well as an innovative automated line able to simplify and speed up the process of packing the chocolates into boxes.



Organic chocolate

ICAM was the first chocolate manufacturer to rise to the organic challenge.

With the collaboration of a number of cocoa farmers in the Dominican Republic gathered together in a cooperative, ICAM launched the first organic chocolate products on the market.




60th anniversary

ICAM celebrated its 60th anniversary in grand style, with the “Galà della Rosa”, joined by many former employees whose efforts have contributed to the significant growth of the company.



New production hub

In the month of September, the first stone was laid of the new production hub in Orsenigo, in the province of Como.

Built on an area totalling 50,000 square metres, the new facility will allow the company to double the amount of cocoa beans currently processed to a total of 40,000 tonnes per year and thus open up new market segments.




Technological innovation

The Agostoni-Vanini family’s passion for chocolate gained a fresh boost with the building of the new factory, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and designed to offer the market outstanding quality, exceptional food safety and complete traceability.



Launch of the “Vanini” brand

Launch of the “Vanini” brand of top-quality Italian chocolate, made from extraordinary varieties of cocoa from carefully selected plantations. The first range of Vanini chocolate has its origins in far-off Peru, and comprises an exclusive collection of recipes, the first able to astound even the most demanding chocolate connoisseurs.


A passion that runs in the family

ICAM is an ambassador worldwide for Italian outstanding quality in the art of chocolate making.

Behind this role lie the company’s specific manufacturing choices, an effective expression of the philosophy that has always guided the Agostoni family, at the helm of the business since it was founded in 1946.

Though it is certainly the essence of ICAM, passion is not the only element that makes the company what it is today: creativity, cutting-edge techniques and technologies and a close eye on market trends all contribute to the success reaped by the chocolate produced by the Lecco firm with consumers all over the world.

ICAM chocolate is the fruit of the undying passion handed down through the generations of the Agostoni family, virtuosos of a genuine Italian-crafted chocolate culture.


Philosophy and values


The control exercised over every link in the production chain, from the selection of the cocoa plantations in the land of origin right through to the customisation of the product, allows ICAM to offer an indisputable guarantee of quality, placing the accent on a transparent production process and complete traceability of the finished product as the best way to respond to the growing food safety demands on the part of consumers.


It is with this in mind that over the years, the company has succeeded in creating a continually updated platform of international certifications able to guarantee its total quality model.


CAM products are the fruit of a long-standing family tradition that has invested in the idea of monitoring the chocolate production chain every step of the way: from the raw material and the processing through to the creation and customisation of the definitive recipes. The thoroughly Italian style and the respect for the distinctive natural characteristics of the original cocoa, evident in ICAM chocolate from the first bite, have proved a winner on international markets.


ICAM pursues its quality objective through precise manufacturing and strategic choices


Source of business


The control exercised over the production chain allows ICAM to develop a complete, highly diversified production system, able to respond to the needs of the market and its trading partners:

• semi-finished products: cocoa powder, butter and paste • liquid chocolate, moulded chocolate and chocolate drops

• over 300 different finished products: chocolate tablets and bars, chocolate shells and eggs, pralines and chocolates, bonbons and sweets.



Prizes and awards



ICAM is the leading company in the sector of non-conventional chocolate production:organic, fair trade, sugar-free and gluten-free.

Thanks to its complete, flexible organisation, ICAM is able to guarantee large volumes of supplies, and in accordance with the specific sales channel of its partners, to offer a suitable customisation service that ranges from the development of new recipes to the definition of the weight in grams and format, as well as studying the packaging.The new Orsenigo plant has been structured in order to provide a prompt response to the growing demands of customers.


Leading confectionery businesses and important national and international distribution chains choose ICAM as a priority partner for the production of their private label products. The Lecco company is popular with both consumers and professionals, who see the tradition, competence and reliability offered by ICAM as forming a sound base on which to build a profitable, lasting relationship.


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