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Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG

Legal form

GmbH & Co. KG 




Emmerich am Rhein 


Tobias Bachmüller, Bastian Fassin

(Managing partners) 




approximately € 300 million (2010) 





Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG is a confectionery company from Emmerich am Rhein, the predominantly liquorice and fruit gums manufactures.  Katjes is the third largest manufacturer in the German confectionery market behind Haribo and Storck.  Together with its sister company Katjes International GmbH & Co. KG, the Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG is part of Katjes gro.

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Company History []

1910-1950 []


On November 23, 1910 Josef Langenberg founded in 's-Heerenberg in the Netherlands a company.  Company purpose was the trade in chemical products such as rat poison, flycatchers and colorants.  In 1920 his stepbrother, Xaver Fassin, taken as a partner in the company, which was renamed now as Langenberg & Co.  After the death of the company founder Fassin led the company continued.  1930 began its own production of flycatchers, which led Langenberg en Co. NV to Firmierung Chemische Fabriek v / h. [1] [2]

Three kittens (2011)


As winter compensation for seasonal Flypaper production the production of licorice was chosen because both products syr was needed as a major component.  The recipe had Fassin, whose ancestors called Fassini came from Sicily in 1910 by a pharmacist in Catania obtained.  As a result, production has been extended to other sugar confectionery such as menthol pearls and mint.  Following the acquisition of Formgießtechnik from the plastics industry in the 1930s, the company also produced the first time licorice in the form of a cat, the Katjes (Dutch for small cats [3]) that their names and the later company logo gifts. [2]


1950-1996 []


1950 informed Xaver Fassin production under his two sons on: Helmut Fassin should continue to produce solid products in 's-Heerenberg produce (Langenberg-Fassin BV, since 2005 Fassin BV), Klaus Fassin the molded products in the neighboring German town of Emmerich.  This led to the founding of the company in its present form (Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG). [2] In the Netherlands, the company sells under the brand name "Katja" a wide range of confectionery.


In 1971, Katjes first to the idea of fruit gum with yogurt (more precisely, skim milk yogurt powder) establish that later Yoghurt-Gums, which today represent the top-selling product in its range. [4]


A year later, in 1972, the current was Katjes International as Fassin Verwaltungs GmbH & Co. Immobilien KG founded.  The Katjes International GmbH & Co. KG, located in Emmerich am Rhein, together with its sister company Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG part of Katjes Gro, concentrating since 2010 holdings of the Gro in Western Europe (Lutti, Festivaldi, Harlekijntjes, Dallmann's, Piast ). [5]

Since 1988, Katjes sets the first confectioners no artificial dyes one more.  They were fruit juices replaced, fruit puree and coloring fruit and plant concentrates. [6] [7]


1996 today []


Villosa Hustelinchen


Frigeo Ahoy Brausepulver

1996 brought Klaus Fassin a non-family managers, Tobias Bachmüller when managing the family business and retired with 65 years back from the management.  Bachmüller previously served as General Manager Suchard at Kraft Jacobs Suchard had worked.  He was successively involved with ten percent of Katjes.  Bachmüller reduced management, outsourced some tasks (eg information technology, marketing / advertising) to external service from the company trimmed growth. [8]


In subsequent years, growth has been achieved both internally as well as through the acquisition of well-known German manufacturers of branded products and their brands from the confectionery industry: in 1997 Dr.  Hiller acquired in 2000 came Villosa it.  2002 Frigeo bought, and 2003 followed by glacial ice Ragolds. [9]


2003 was the commitment by Heidi Klum for Yoghurt Gums -Fernsehspots contribute to an increase in sales of 21.4 percent.  Great attention was the spot where they used Yoghurt Gums as spacers between the toes to paint the toenails. [10] As a result, 27 million euros have been invested for a doubling of capacity in Emmerich. [11]


Until 2004, the son of the Katjes-founder, Bastian Fassin, completed his studies, experiences in other companies (Roland Berger, Kraft Foods) collected, and rose as a managing partner in a Katjes.  The responsibilities of the corporate management were divided so that Bastian Fassin is responsible for product development, quality assurance, marketing and international business, and Tobias Bachmüller is responsible for finance, production and domestic business. [8]


With the license for Granini -Fruchtbonbons (2005) as the third Bonbon brand to build its own  factory was interesting.  On 20 October 2006 Katjes opened in Potsdam-Babelsberg, the "first glass  production in Europe" for investment of twelve million euros.  Visitors can there by a gallery from the whole process of Bonbon watch-manufacture and in adjoining Factory- outlet store shopping. [12] This concept was established in January 2007 by the initiative Germany - Land of Ideas named "City of the Year 2007". [13] The former contract manufacturing of sweets in Finland and Italy was discontinued because of quality problems.


From autumn 2006, offered Katjes as licensee also Movenpick  as a premium brand on. [14] However, in the  market Katjes could not succeed;  Licensor Mövenpick announced Katjes after a year of cooperation. [15] [16]


As of 2007, sat in Katjes fruit gums instead of natural flavoring substances only natural flavors a. [17]


On 20 April 2007 Katjes opened a 70 square meter flagship store at the Emmerich Rheinpromenade. [18] After a transitional period of 120 m² previous factory outlet was closed at the main plant.  Another flagship store was in Munich opened in 2010 was followed by stores in Aachen and Essen. [19] [20]


In February 2009, Katjes acquired its first foreign participation: a ten percent share of the Belgian-French competitors Lamy Lutti with an option for the complete takeover of the Dutch financial investors. Nimbus and Varova and management [21] This percentage was the same year at 33, 3 percent increased.  In November 2010, the Katjes-share was further increased to 66.6 per cent. [22] In the sugar confectionery market Lamy Lutti is in Belgium the market leader in France in second position.


2010 Katjes bought 50 percent of the Dutch licorice manufacturer Festivaldi, with the option of a complete takeover. [23]

Since 2010 Katjes bundles its transportation together with the companies Diageo, Leaf, Hitschler and Vidal at the logistics company Fiege.  Fiege splies the food retailing with the products of all the pooling companies involved, so that about 30 percent of truck kilometers and thus costs and environmental impact of CO2 can be saved. [24]


Katjes has a large vegetarian fruit gum and liquorice assortment and is pursuing since years a successful "Veggie" strategy. [25] All products without animal gelatin are marked with a "veggie" sticker as vegetarian and of the European Vegetarian Union with the V-Label "vegetarian" certified. [26] Thus, for example, the green-ear rabbit, which was introduced in 2012 [27] and the face of the current TV campaign. [28] in July 2013 Katjes opened in Berlin's trendy district " middle "with the Café Green ear the first vegetarian Katjes-Café. [29]


On August 28, 2015 Katjes brings to the Magic  Factory the world's first food-certified 3D printer for fruit gum in the company's own Katjes Café Green-ear on the market. [30] As of November 2015, takes Katjes the European marketing and distribution of Vicks cough drops from Procter & Gamble. [31]


Company []

Turnover [32]



(€ million)


2001   119.1 

2002   135.0 

2003   163.9 

2004   180.1 

2005   189.3 


The company is a 60 per cent Bastian Fassin, 30 percent his father, Klaus Fassin, and 10 percent Tobias Bachmüller. [33] Bastian Fassin is designated the sole heir of his father's 30 percent. [11] Executive are associate Tobias Bachmüller and Bastian Fassin.


Unlimited Katjes Fassin general partner of the GmbH + Co. KG is the Xaver Fassin GmbH. [34]


The turnover in 2005 was 189.3 million euros. [32] After 2005, Katjes has not released official sales figures more so that only estimates.  These are for 2006 at EUR 200 million [35], and for 2010 at EUR 300 million. [36]

For sales contributed 2006 fruit gum with about 60 percent, about 20 percent of sales were generated with sweets, the remaining 20 percent with shower. [17] With about 9 percent market share Katjes 2008 was in third place of the German confectionery industry. [11]


The company exports worldwide in 23 countries. [37] In addition to various European countries is also to Australia, South Africa, Singapore and the United States exported.  In 2005, the export share of 14 per cent [32], by 2008 it grew to 30 percent of sales. [11]


In its three factories in Germany Sugar goods are manufactured: In addition to Emmerich (liquorice, fruit gums) is in Remshalden produced (shower products) and Potsdam-Babelsberg (sweets).


Katjes is after the International Food Standard and according to BRC certified.


Today's corporate logo was introduced of 2007.  It is a re-launch of the introduced in 2001 logos.


Brands []

Logo of the glacial ice candies

Katjes is brand owner of various manufacturers brands, mostly as an EU Community trademarks are registered, including but not limited


 Dr. Hillers (since 1997)

 Villosa (with Sallos, Hustelinchen; since 2000)

 Frigeo (with Ahoj -Brause; since 2002)

Glacial ice (since 31 October 2003)

Granini Fruit Candies (licensed brand, since 2005)

Heidi's (USA)

Shower Plus sherbet (licensed brand, since 2009)

Trademarks: In addition to the under own brands marketed products Katjes also produced under other brand names for retail companies (eg some Sweetland products in. Aldi). [38] Trademarks make less than 15 percent of Gro sales (as of 2010). [36]


 Awards []

 2006: Katjes honored as "company with a vision". [39]

 2012: Katjes Green Ear Rabbit was awarded the Sweetie. [40]

 2012: Veggie TV Campaign Wins Marketing Award Effie as effective communication campaign. [41]

 2013: Katjes Green Ear Bears win "Bestseller 2013" in the category sugar confectionery.  It is the strongest sales, real product innovation in Germany. [42]

 2013: Award for Katjes trainees as best country in the final exam for specialist of confectionery technology. [43]

 2014: Katjes is "popular brand" in Germany and "confectionery / biscuit" awarded "customer favorite 2014" in the category with gold. [44]

 2014: Katjes BieneMaja Fruchtgummi wins Sweetie 2014. [45]

 2015:. Katjes is awarded "Serbrand Germany" and is thanks to excellent brand management among the strongest brands in Germany [46]


 Advertising []


In the television advertising Katjes relies on testimonials by celebrities.  The company preferred advertising debutants.  This applies among other things to Stefan Raab, Heidi Klum, Nina Hagen, Dana Schweiger and Alexandra Neldel to.


For Yoghurt Gums recruited Stefan Raab (1999), Heidi Klum (2000-2008), Tim Mälzer (2007), Lena Gercke (2008), Dana Schweiger (2009), Reiner Calmund (2010) and Alexandra Neldel (2010).  During the campaign with Heidi Klum was very successful, the spot with Reiner Calmund was used only briefly, for example. [16]


Other products of Katjes gro were with spots advertised: Stefan Raab (1999) promoted Katjeskinder, Euro-fruit jelly, Euro-licorice and Ser Bear, Heidi Klum as Lena Gercke for Everlasting, Hape Kerkeling (2004) for Ahoj-Brause , Eva Padberg (2005) for glacial ice, Dana Schweiger (2009) for Tappsy and Yoguberries.


Nina Hagen campaigned 2008 City Light posters for Ahoj-Brause. [47] in 2010 set Katjes also billboards with Ralf Möller for Sallos X-Treme, a. [48]


Furthermore Katjes operation 2003-2008 national sports sponsorship (German national football team of the women). [49] [50] [51] The team also a TV spot for Yoghurt Gums was produced.  Since August 2010, Katjes is for two and a half years as the personal sponsor Katjes originating from Emmerich Formula 1 -Rennfahrers Nico Hulkenberg. [52]


2007 sponsored Katjes an action the artist Rainer Bonk, when 1,80 m wide fiberglass blanks could be painted in the form of a Katjes Cat of students or art willing and were erected then distributed over the city of Emmerich Interior. [53]


To the advertising ban in the Wimbledon Championships to get around 2011 wore the German tennis player and Katjes Testimonial Julia Goerges in the first round a silver necklace with Katjes company logo.  This caused quite a stir and the tournament officials forbade her jewelry for the rest of the tournament.


Katjes vs.  Haribo []


There were and there are numerous legal disputes between Katjes and its sales stronger competitor Haribo.  Every company has won about half the cases.  Some of these lawsuits found wide echo in the media.

A lawsuit against Haribos Katjes was established in April 2004 by the Civil Chamber of the Landgericht Dusseldorf ruled in favor of Katjes.  Haribo had tried the brand to let delete Yoghurt-Gums Katjes.  It should be brought under a similar name to market a similar product.  The judges, however, decided Katjes have to register the brand and used for many years and therefore a decline was not entitled. [54]

2009, decided the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf against Haribo.  The company was allowed on the packaging of adults licorice neither a child nor his image slogan "Haribo makes children happy" more print.  Katjes had obtained an injunction for unfair competition, the Haribo had objected. [55] [56]

2009 were Katjes in second instance before the Hamburg Higher Regional Court against Haribo, as it wanted to ban the competitors the use of the brand name for Yoghurt Gum Haribo gummi bears. [57] An appeal to the Federal Court is still pending.


References []

Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG (Hg.): Powder box.  Katjes employee newspaper, Katjes, Emmerich 1993-


Media []

The program with the mouse: Mouse TV.  Licorice. Video podcast 6:51 min, 15.3 MB, WDR Fernsehen, February 1, 2009 (the scenes were filmed in the factory at Katjes)

Dynasties: The sweet tooth of the Lower Rhine - Katjes.  Directed by Jörg Kobel, documentation, about 44 min, WDR television in 2009


Trivia []

Long before the first licorice cats production at Katjes there was in Groningen a manufacturer named N (athan) cat who advertised his licorice 1882-1907 under the name Katjes drop.  Apparently the cat's design was so popular that this has been imitated in the Netherlands from other producers.  This probably the chagrin of the inventor, the strongly discouraged in its ads from the consumption of counterfeit products. [58]

Today's main shareholder Bastian Fassin to the age of nine, a collage with the remark "Katjes, Isa, Isa, Isa" and "Haribo, no, no, no" have tinkered. [36]


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